Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Uses for Rolodex Files

Back in mid-June, someone asked for Rolodex ideas. What could she do with a Rolodex that she got for $2.99 at Goodwill? Well, here is the response I gave, and I thought my readers might love these ideas too!

**Keep favorite scriptures or quotes like this (a Rolodex instead of ATC)
**Keep a stamp inventory like this.
**Keep a list of journaling prompts (pull one & have fun). You can see some here and here.
**Keep a file of birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates.
**Create mini albums (kids, family, vacations, "about me," etc.)
**Create a color challenge or inspiration file like this one.
**Create a "year in photos" album (a photo a week with journaling on the back).
**If you like to read, keep a reading log (a card per book). You can even print a tiny "avatar" size picture of the book cover for fun!
**Print sketches and keep your sketches in the Rolodex.

So, if you have a Rolodex and don't know what to do with it, hopefully my ideas will help you out a bit. These would also make great Christmas gifts too! You can also use a 7Gypsies Revolving holder for these ideas too. You can still find these at Your ATC Store.

I hope you find this helpful and fun! Now start looking for those bargain Rolodex files and get started! Be sure to list your ideas in the comment section too if you have them! I am sure everyone would love to see more ideas. Have a blessed Tuesday everyone!


Cassie_lu said...

these are some great ideas

Leslii@Studio 23 said...

Dang! Those are really cool ideas. Just might have to on treasure hunt for one.

Leslii@Studio 23 said...

Dang! Those are a really cool idea. I just might have to go on a treasure hunt for one of those.

Chris said...

Your Rolodexes are so cute! I was inspired by the one you made with your stamped images, so I am currently working on that project for my stamp organization. I also made a rolodex for card sketches - one side of the card has the sketch, the other has a picture of a sample card (if it was available). I'm thinking of trying this with scrapbook sketches too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patter,
Lovely, lovely re-use of plain old office equipment. I'll be looking for a rolodex soon. As a newcomer to blogs with limited experience among the myriad abbreviations, is there a past post telling what all these alphabet soups mean? I'm guessing RAK is Random Act of Kindness, MB is Memory Box, and ODBD is Our Daily Bread Designs....

Still just looking for ideas and trying out some tutorial ideas (thanks for telling how to tie the ribbon after pulling the end through, erase & clean the stamp w/ a baby wipe, etc.) If and when I get something made that is ready for posting, is there a tutorial to walk Luddites like me through the process of scanning posting a card? My scanner isn't big enough for the large square layouts.

Thanks for the inspiration and the great song "Though Troubles Assail Us" which I did not know. Do you sing it to "Immortal, Invisible" tune or some other melody with meter?

What a delight to know you are all out there offering your best to God and one another----

Grace & peace, Jennifer

Tassie said...

What a fantastic idea!!! I follow your blog... and read every posting. I don't comment much, but I am going to try and change that!!
You have made me want to go out and buy a rolodex. I love shopping at thrift stores - I am going to look their first!!
Thanks again....

Anonymous said...

Reading your "backblog" further, I finally realized that of COURSE you are taking pictures rather than scanning the objects. Sorry for the silly question---does anyone have a reference source for scrappy product acronyms?

Has anyone used a Rolodex (or generic version thereof) for memorizing Bible verses? Thanks to Beth Moore, I've been putting index cards into a brag book rather than a recipe box, which has helped me of late.

I am enjoying the Tuesday Tips,
faith journaling prompts, and scripture challenges. Thank you
very much for all your work!

Psalm 119:32 says "I run in the
path of Your commands, for You
have set my heart free." I've
read it many times before, but
am now imagining a path with Bible
commands pasted on, then stamping
little footprints over that....

Happy Saturday---Jennifer

Marion Esposito said...

Such a great idea. Thank you for sharing. So glad to know you are a sister in Christ!

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