Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Faith Journaling} Challenge #43

As I mentioned last week, we are sharing a bit about our Bibles over the next few weeks. Here is your second "Bible" question:

**How many Bibles do you have, and do you have a favorite one? Why?

To see all of the journaling questions thus far, please see my post here. Feel free to join in anytime, and thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Thursday!


maryr917 said...

I have 6 bibles that are mine. My study bible-a large print-a dual language (spanish & english)-am trying to learn spanish-a bible in my car-one in my nite-stand and a 1year bible with daily readings

Anonymous said...

I have 4 Bibles that are mine. A King James with a good concordance, the one I was given as a child, one that was my grandmother's before she passed, and an NIV study Bible. I had others, but they were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

Teresa, Chowbaby said...

I have a 8 - Chronological NKJ, a large print King James, my first Bible given to me on my 1st Christmas ( this yr will be 55 yrs old), a desk version KJ, a new testament in my car console, my husband's Bible, and one I carry to church every Sunday in my Bible carry - NIV and a small NIV in my desk at work. And my grandson who is 12 has 4 Bibles.

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