Friday, October 29, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Stamp Dies with Alignment Guides!

Have you seen the new, amazing dies Kelley is offering at Our Daily Bread Designs? If not, you need to scurry right on over (look here)! Right now there are 6 die sets available but I bet this will only be the beginning! :) These dies go with the stamp sets, and they cut out your stamped image perfectly! No more getting cramped hands from cutting things out yourself! Yeah! Well, of course with anything new comes a challenge--how should these dies and alignment guides be stored and organized? I think I have come up with a solution that works for me, and I wanted to share it with you today!

For those of you that have seen and/or use the Univenture binders for your stamp storage, you are just going to use the same binders! The dies and alignment guides are stored right in with the stamps! How easy is that? You can see my Univenture stamp storage along with my Rolodex inventory here. Let's look at how I store the dies and guides in the binders.

First you need to grab some Scotch Removable Double Coated Tape. This is the same tape I use to hold the die down when I run it through my Big Shot. For instructions on how to use these dies, look at the video tutorial here. Now that you have your tape, you will also want some Glue Dots or Removeable Glue Dots. I am currently using the regular Glue Dots because I am out of the Removeable ones. :) Since I am keeping my dies and alignment guides in with the stamp set, I pulled that particular binder from my shelf. I then attach a piece of the Scotch Tape directly to the back, inside cover of my Univenture binder. The removeable tape holds the alignment guides perfectly! Just press down your alignment guide on top of the tape, and it will stay there until you need to use it. They also lift up easily and stick back down wonderfully after you have used them!

Now the tape is not strong enough for the dies. The dies are too heavy. So, that is where the Glue Dots come in. I just use ONE dot per die. The Glue Dots are strong enough to hold the die yet since I just use one "dot," the die also comes off easily when I need to use it. And because the Univenture binders are plastic, it's easy to remove the Glue Dot if you need to for any reason! Here is how my dies and alignment guides look at the back of my binder:The guides are kind of hard to see since they are clear. They are just below the dies. :) I do not recommend attaching the dies to the back of the pages in your Univenture binders. I think over time, the dies would cut into the stamps on the next page. I am certain you wouldn't want that to happen. If the dies are stored on the back, inside cover of your binder, they will not touch any stamps. Now, granted, you won't have a lot of room for many dies or alignment guides in each binder; however, you could arrange your pages so that there are only one or two die sets in a binder. You can certainly use this same system by storing the dies in CD or DVD cases! Again those cases are plastic, and would hold the dies and guides perfectly using this same method!

Once I have dies for a matching stamp set I have, I also update my Rolodex inventory noting that I have the dies to go along with the stamp set. The stamp/die inventory card looks like this:
See how I just added "+ dies" to my card? Now I know I have the dies to that stamp set and the binder where I can find both the stamps and dies. Super easy! Well, I hope you enjoyed today's storage solution! Have a blessed Friday, and let me know if you have questions!


Grace said...

Great storage idea Patter! If I had the money for all the binders I'd do it in a heartbeat! LOL! You are so organized! That's something I am working on at least! LOL!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What a great idea Patter! You are the queen of organization girl!! TFS!!!

Patter Cross said...

Grace, the binders are super cheap from Univenture. Here are the links:

Black on sale for $1.07 each:

Clear for $3.74 each:

I got mine before I knew about the black ones on sale. These really are great binders! Blessings,

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter~

You must have the most organized art room in the craft world. I sent that Crochet, Fun and Cool Fact to my Mother...she crochets in our family!

I was wondering if and how you store all of your storage supplies when not needed yet? In the garage? Another room-under a bed? Or are they somewhere in your art rom! This is a problem for me.

He IS Able,
Traci S.

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