Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Baby Food Jars

Okay, for those of you with small children, grandchildren, or parrots like me, you may have an over abundance of baby food jars! I save them because I use them for embellishment storage.
Well, I ran across this thread on Splitcoaststampers asking what to do with baby food jars, and goodness do these ladies have some great ideas. And with Christmas approaching, I thought y'all might like to use some of these ideas. I really encourage you to check it out! Be sure to post here if you make any of these amazing pieces! Have fun, and Happy Tuesday!


A-M said...

Thanks Patter for sharing the link. There were certainly some great ideas.
But... I don't have any baby food jars. Even if my daughter visited with her little ones I still would not have any as she does not feed them processed foods unless absolutely necessary.

Vanessa said...

Thank you!!
I babysit my 6 month old niece and will very soon have an abundance of empty jars! Very timely, and FUN!
Thank you for doing the work of finding these wonderful Tuesday Tips for us!!

Mrs. Dude said...

I love the baby food jars idea... I collected so many of them when my son was eating babyfood... I still need to cover the lids with pretty paper so they'll look all fancy. My friend covers the lid and then ties ribbon around them and fills them with little scrapbooking goodies as stocking stuffer gifts.

Stephanie said...

Jack (our grandson) mostly ate the baby food in the plastic bins with snap on tops when at our house. However, I did managed to collect a few glass jars.

I decorated baby food jars and filled them with M&M's. I labeled them NOBlock and sent them to my dd & her co-worker as prevention or comfort for Writer's Block. They are both Writing Assistants for a Christian publishing company. I posted them in the altered projects gallery at SCS (I'm sasha728) or they'll be on my blog with matching name signs later this week.

Now to find a cute use for the plastic bin type jars. :)

Rose said...

thanks Patter! :) now to find someone with a little one and beg for the empty jars!!

BunnyFreak said...

So your parrots like baby food. I never thought of that. I wonder if my cockatiel would like baby food; he sure likes corn bread.

Patter Cross said...

Oh yes, our parrots love baby food. I don't feed it to them plain though. I mix it in with their morning breakfast (birdie bread or mash with fresh veggies). I usually give them baby carrots or baby sweet potatoes as they are very high in Vitamin A, and that's so good for them. I know lots of people that give their budgies, cockatiels, and other smaller birds these same foods too with great success. You should try it! :)

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