Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Bow Easy

How many of you have a bow easy? Well, I do but I have rarely used it. I can tie bows pretty well, and I also have a technique for tying bows that I saw on the web somewhere which I will share in a minute. Anyway, I wanted some double and triple loop bows so I did buy the Bow Easy. Kelley sells it in the ODBD store here. After getting it and watching many videos, playing with it, etc., I gave up. I have heard how SO many people LOVE it and have great success with it. What was I doing wrong? Well, I think my problem was that in the last step when tightening the bow, I wasn't pulling the tail straight up. I think that may be my key to future success. LOL! I think it's becoming my friend finally. If you have been frustrated by the Bow Easy, don't give up! Here are a couple more instructions for you to watch and try again:

Angela's Bow Easy Tutorial at ODBD
Gina K.'s Bow Easy Video

And if you haven't tried the Bow Easy, give it a try. It makees a great stocking stuffer! I think there are only a handful of us that have trouble with it. I am a slow learner. :)

And now, if you haven't been to one of my classes or seen my online tutorial for tying knots and bows, I encourage you to see my Memory Box post here. I tie 99% of my knots and bows this way. It is SO easy (though some would disagree with me), and I love this technique! I hope you will try it!

Whether you try my tutorial or the Bow Easy, I hope you have great success in your future bow tying! Have a blessed Tuesday!

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