Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's {Tip} Kokuyo vs. Scotch Comparison

So, I am an avid user of Kokuyo adhesive. Yes, I know it is no longer sold in the U.S.; however, I have a nice stash still set aside. Whew! Anyway, I had heard several months ago that Scotch was now using the Kokuyo forumla in their new dot roller adhesive. It has been hard to find, and I have not been able to do a comparison. Well, Jet Pens is now carrying the Scotch dot roller, and from what I understand it is much cheaper than other stores. I do know the refills are about $1 more on Amazon.com, and they are usually the cheapest.

There also was some confusion as to whether the adhesive in the red dispenser was the same as the adhesive in the blue dispenser. Well, Pegg on SCS, e-mailed Scotch, and they said that there is no difference in the adhesives just that the red dispenser is sold through office supply stores and the purple one is sold through crafting stores. Jet Pens sells both dispensers so I thought I would buy both, compare both, and compare them to my Kokuyo. Here is what I found:
**Scotch dispensers both contain 49 ft. of adhesive.
**Kokuyo's small dispenser contains 43 ft. of adhesive.
**Kokuyo's large dispenser contains 85 ft. of adhesive.
**The plastic housing on the Scotch dispenser is thinner and not as "solid." I prefer the Kokuyo dispenser.
**The Scotch refills will not fit in the Kokuyo dispenser.

**So far so good and seems the same.

So, what this all boils down to is that if you are a Kokuyo fan and have no desire for the ATG, you will want to run and get the new Scotch Dot Roller! It really is the closest adhesive yet to my favorite that I have found!

On another note, don't forget to enter this month's scrapbook challenge at Our Daily Bread Designs. You can see today's newest inspiration here. I would LOVE to see some entries from my blog readers!!!!!!!! You have until 2/28 to get your pages in! :) Enjoy everyone and have a blessed Tuesday!


NickelNook said...

Thanks so much for all the info on the adhesive Patter! That's great to know!
I would love to participate in the Challenge, as it looks like lots of fun. The problem is I don't have any ODBD stamps...so I can't! I sure would if I could!
Have a happy day!...Nancy :o)

~pl said...

Thanks for posting your findings :) Really good to know that it's similar to the Kokuyo. I did buy a pink ATG gun which I'm getting used to. I tried to search your blog for any posts on if you went that route and your thoughts on that (but nothing came up).
-pegg s

Patter Cross said...

~pl, I tried the ATG at Hobby Lobby, and did not like it at all. I have tiny hands (child-size), and it was just way too cumbersome for me thus no post here on it. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparisons! It's so nice not to have to buy something without any reviews and then not be happy with it!

ScrappnBee said...

Thanks for doing the research and sharing! It is so good to know that there is something out there that compares!

my4blessings said...

Great review. I am an ATG convert and usually use Tombow for my other needs but it is good to know what is out there. Thanks for the info!

Jeni said...

Thank you so much for this comparison. I have wanted to know the difference between the red and blue for awhile. I suspected it was just marketing but wasn't certain. Thanks!

Sharon Harnist said...

Hey, Patter -- Are you still happy with the Scotch brand? I'm looking for a replacement for my beloved Kokuyo! Or do you happen to know if Kokuyo is finally available again in the U.S.? Thanks!

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