Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's {Tip} Copic Markers 50% Off!

This sale is too good not to share! I received my order already, and I thought you all may be interested as the sale is still going on! A Muse has 50% off everything in their online store. Not only are their stamps on sale but so are ALL of their Copic products! Now with that being said, they do not have the Copic Sketch Markers. They only have the Copic Ciao and the Copic Original Markers. I ordered Copic Originals! LOVE them! They still have the number on the the ends, they will still work with my airbrush system, and they hold a lot of ink! The only downfall to the Original Marker is that it does not have the brush nib. So, I ordered some nibs. I am going to replace the broad nib with the brush nib. This will work perfect for me! You can find the Copic sale here. **NOTE: You must use code "50gone."

Also, if you do not have the Copic Swatch Book, I highly recommend it! I like it better than any other swatch sheet! Easy to update, easy to match colors, easy to see what you have, etc. Love this little book!

A Muse does not sell it but you can buy it many places online. I purchased mine from Icopic.com. I hope you find this sale information helpful. Have a blessed week ahead!

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Traci S. said...

Thank you so much for the info, Patter!

I hope your retreat was a real blessing to you, and full of wonderful things you can teach us, and the so many people you help!

Thank you so much for doing everything you do!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

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