Friday, June 24, 2011

Organizational {Friday} New Furniture!

Now when I say "new furniture," I don't mean I got rid of what I already have. I LOVE my Scrap 'n Cube. I think most of you that have been around a while know that. :) Anyway, I added to my Scrap 'n Cube with a new piece called the Scrap 'n Cube "Mini Apothecary Cabinet." Let me tell you, this piece is anything but "mini." LOL! I also got a new shelving unit from Hobby Lobby and added baskets from Target. I did have to move out one piece out of my room, and I will show you that too. So, let's get started. Sit back and relax; it's a long post today with lots of photos. :)

Hobby Lobby Shelf
If you remember from my room tour, I had a magazine basket that sat at the end of my office desk. You can see it here.

One day I realized that that silly basket was probably as deep as a shelving unit. If I could find a shelving unit that was the same depth, I would have more storage space. So, off to Hobby Lobby I went, and I am happy to say, I found the perfect shelving unit! I then ran to Target and purchased adorable baskets for the shelves. Here are the pieces together in my room in the spot where the magazine basket used to be:

This unit now holds:

**8x8 and 6x6 paper pads (I have a lot of them)
**Idea books
**The current scrapbook album I am working in
**Foam stamps
**My die binder
**Chipboard letters

Love that this did not take up anymore space but gave me vertical storage space!

The Mini Apothecary Cabinet
First, the dimensions of this little beauty are 38”(h) x 29-1/4”(w) x 15-7/8”(d). Definitely not what I would call a "mini" cabinet. :) And when it arrived at my house, I was stunned to see the packaging. How was I going to get it out? The delivery man told me I would need a crowbar, hammer, and various other tools. Eeek!

It was packed very well but hubby was not home to help me. So, I was bound and determined to get my furniture out. After a bit of sweat and tears, out it came!

Yes, I was able get it out all on my own. It is SO beautiful. Such a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship! And now I can really get to work! I moved one drawer unit out and into our bedroom. I needed a piece in there anyway, and this was perfect. Remember this one?

Once I moved that out, I moved in my new unit. I added some baskets, flowers, a dress form, and pink labels to the drawers to dress it up a bit. We will look at how I did the dress form in a minute. Here is how the new cabinet looks:

Oh I just LOVE this piece. Now the pieces to the left of it are the QB Storage Cart and the 2 Shelf Cube with Drawers. The storage cart is on casters so when I need in my drawer, it is easy to roll this piece out. I keep things in that drawer that I do not need often anyway.  And here you can see inside some of the baskets and drawers (I am still filling and organizing):

I am truly enjoying this piece. Everything is really at my fingertips. Love that!

Dress Form
Now I wanted to share what I did with the dress form. I purchased it from Hobby Lobby for $9. Yes, it was half off. :) I have seen people create a skirt using ribbon but I did not want to do that. I decided to use some of my left over Basic Grey fabric from my curtains. I cut 1" strips and looped them over the wire by about an inch. I then used a dot of fabric glue to keep the fabric on the wire.

I tried tying the fabric strips but I did not like it. I then alternated fabrics around the dress form and finished off with a pink satin ribbon.

I know some people make the ribbons very full so that it looks like a skirt. For now, I like it like this because it adds just a touch of color but I can still see the entire dress form. I like that! I may add more fabric later but for now this works.

Okay, so we have finally made it to the end of this post. Sorry it's so long but definitely a lot to share today. I hope you have enjoyed it. Have a blessed weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow--love it!

Sara said...

The apothecary cabinet is fantastic! I love all those little drawers! Have fun filling them up. :)

Liz Michaud said...

Great room and your new pieces are perfect additions!

Rita said...

Love this cabinet looks awesome! I couldn't find it, they had the large one but not The mini apothecary cabinet. I also like what you did with that dress form...great idea!

Tassie said...

I love all your organization!! Love the new peices..... thank you so much for inspirting me to be more organized.....

Fairy Cardmaker said...

That certainly is a lovely unit. Thanks for giving us peeks inside too.

Raven said...

I love this cabinet! Where did you find it?

Jan Marie said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing. . and what a beautiful piece of furniture it is. . .love the way you've clothed your dress form, too! Blessings

Isabelle said...

that looks awesome! i especially love your drawer of india inks! it's so rainbow colorful!

Roben-Marie said...

Wonderful organization idea! I really like seeing how others store their goodies!

scrapbookertink said...

Wow, loving that new storage unit, saw it over at 2peas had to come and take a closer look, loving your blog, feel free to stop by mine, have now become a follower x

Big Red said...

Love your new cabinet. Where did you find it?

Patter Cross said...

Big Red, I got it from Scrap 'n Cube. The link is in the post. :) Blessings,

MDF Board said...

Nice collection of furniture.


Sevgi Ates said...

Thanks you for this write, i m enjoyed thanks you, masko

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