Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's {Tip} Vintage Images

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of the new books I ordered from eBay. If you like to use old papers on your cards, layouts, and/or art journaling pages, these books may just be what you are looking for! Here are the titles of the 3 books I purchased:

*Butterick's 1892 Metropolitan Fashions
*Metropolitan Fashions of the 1880's
*Jordan, Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891

And here is a small sampling of what the books look like inside:

The first photo shows images from the fashion books, and the second image is from the Jordon, Marsh Catalog. It contains more ads and lots of fun things to look at! I got these 3 books for about $14. :)

Now these books are too awesome to tear them all up, so I am going to save one of them for my bookshelf. They are such a hoot to read. The fashion books actually contain the text from the back of each Butterick pattern. They say things like:

"The pattern is in 10 sizes for ladies from 28 to 46 inches. To make the garment for a lady of medium size will require 5 1/4 yards of material 27 inches wide."

I am still trying to figure out what a "lady of medium size" would be. I just love stuff like this, and what a great way to bring fun to your creations!

I hope you have enjoyed today's tip, and remember, to see all of my previous Tuesdays Tips, please see this link list here. Also, I will have 3 posts for you on Thursday so be sure to stop by. Lots of different and good things happening! Happy Tuesday!


Gail S. said...

I love things like this. TFS What do you put in for your search on Ebay? Do you have specific books you look for or just antique books?

Patter Cross said...

Gail, in my search I put Butterick 1892. I had seen this book somewhere, and I didn't realize there were more. When I put that in, I found these books. I am sure there are more amazing things if I search differently. And of course I have seen digi images like this you can buy too but I like these much better. You not only get so much more for your money but they are true reprints of the Butterick patterns. Love that! There is some fun history in the front of the books too! Blessings,

Deb Buckminster said...

Have you considered saving ALL of your books by scanning the pages onto your computer?

Then, you could select individual images and resize them according to need.

Amy Johnson said...

I know you said you'd 'save' one of the books, but I hope you save all three. These books are history, once they are ripped up and destroyed, they are gone forever. You can just scan them like Deb advised above, or you can take them to a quality printer and have them print images for you and then you can 'age' them yourself. Sorry, but it really bothers me when papercrafts advise ripping up old books or sheet music to make cards or scrapbook pages. Thats like destroying history to make history. It makes no sense.

Patter Cross said...

Deb, I have not considered that but may do so. Not sure yet but it is a great idea. And Amy, these books were published in 1994 and are reprints of the original. While I respect your opinion, I still enjoy using my old hymnals and things in my creations. Most of these items get tossed into landfills so I would rather use a part of them and enjoy them instead of seeing them in a landfill someday. The Bible is the only book I would never think of tearing up. Have a blessed day.

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