Friday, September 30, 2011

Organizational {Friday} Washi Tape!

How many of you use washi tape? For those of you that don't know what washi tape is, it is Japenese masking tape. Well, thanks to Pinterest, I am finding all sorts of new things "I need," and washi tape is one of them. Eeek! I have used Tim Holtz's tissue tape for quite some time and have always LOVED it. Well, now I can find that tape in all sorts of colors, designs, and fun! I have now collected quite a stash, and just recently found a great way to store it. First, let me share a few places where you can buy washi tape:

**Cute Tape (they have most designs here so you don't have to buy from many different sellers)
**Sugar B. Supplies (an etsy store that has a great variety and storage options)
**Pretty Tape (an etsy store that also has a great variety)

There are many, many more places that sell washi tape but these are the ones I shop at most frequently.

Now, how to store these great rolls of yumminess. Well, you could certainly:

**put them in a plastic container
**store in a drawer (which is how I used to store mine)
**put on a tension rod
**put on a pants hanger
**use a Tim Holtz tape dispenser
**etc., etc, etc.

I chose to go with these great containers from Sugar B. Supplies (linked above). They match my antique storage pieces in my room, and the tape is out where it's easy to see and use. I have two more on the way as I have already run out of room. Each "shelf" holds about 10 rolls of tape.

Sugar B. Supplies also has another dispenser that some of you may love. I did not personally buy this one but she does have it available also. It looks like it will hold more than 10 rolls for sure.

I hope you will have fun playing with washi tape and getting it organized! Enjoy your Friday! Blessings,


Lana Bisson said...

this looks amazing...i wonder if I can get hubby to make me something similar with old fence boards???

Lana Bisson
aka firemanswife7 on two peas..

Renee V said...

Beautiful tapes and dispensers! Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter!

Wow, I love the tape with the birds flying around! Gorgeous! Do you use it for borders and things like that? I think I may have some from Heidi Swapp from an expo years ago! I've never used it! I'll give it a try now. Thanks!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Catherine said...

Hey Patter!
LOVE the storage cubbies you snagged! :( they weren't listed when I popped over. It's probably for the best ;)
I've been collecting washi for a couple years, and have been a loyal Cute Tape customer, but didn't know about the Etsy stores. So thanks for the links!
Hope you have a blessed weekend. (((hugs)))

Life Full of Sunflowers said...

I've never tried washi tape,but will have give it a try along with these fabulous dispensers. Thanks for sharing the links and your wonderful idea.

Kim said...

I went looking for those tape holders also! :( I didn't see them listed on her sad! If you see them again anywhere--please post it!

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