Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's {Tip} Quick Book List

Prior to leaving for our recent vacation, I realized I had a whole bunch of books that I wanted to read but I could never remember what I wanted to read next or what the ordering was of the "series" books. So, I created a little card out of some old Crate Paper cardstock to slip into my Kindle cover. This way I always know what books are next on my reading list. It's my little quick-reference sheet for "on the road."

Note: Kindle cover purchased from Oberon Designs. Definitely our favorite covers. My kiddos have them too! Beautiful covers and worth the cost!

In the close-up photos above, you can see that I list the author's name first then the series book titles and  underneath. I then list the date I started the book followed by the date I finished the book. The superscript number next to date refers to my "scoring" of the book. The books with a small penciled (B) means that I still need to purchase that particular book for my Kindle but truly I am hoping they will be free or severely discounted at some point!

And speaking of purchasing Kindle books--I now have over 220 books for my Kindle and over 90% of those have been free! If you missed my post on how to find the free books, see that post here.

So, I hope you will use that scrap paper, and jot down those books you want to read next. Quick, easy, and looks cute. Enjoy your Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,

I don't know when you find the time to read books for relaxation, with your super busy schedule. I am glad you have some "off" time. Reading can be such a wonderful break.

Thanks for sharing your idea of a list...you are so organized!

I will have to look at your list, and see if you have any books that I may enjoy!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips on your book listing! What a pretty Kindle cover as well!

I really enjoyed the previous post as well, Patter...I came by through Traci S.'s post at He is Able.

Hope you're doing well...

Deb Saaranen

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