Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art {Journaling} Daily Notes

Note: To see today's {Faith Journaling} prompt, please click here or scroll down one post. :)

Okay, so I found an idea on Pinterest that I LOVED! So, this week I am sharing my version of the daily journal. I have been so absolutely swamped here that this little sheet is all I have had time to do. I pray I keep it up because it will be fun to look at years later. It's not fancy, and it doesn't take much time at all!

First, here is the Pinterest version (click here). And here is my version:

As you can see, mine is VERY similar. I doodle my lines but don't add the weather doodles like she does. Not sure I can even draw a sun. LOL! And I even added a little feather one of my precious parrots lost yesterday. To color in each column I just use my 1/2" brush with my NeoColor Crayons.

I dab my brush into my water container, touch it to the crayon to pick up a little color, then paint the column. I did stamp over the first four entries too using the Stampers Anonymous She Created Art set. I may do more to this page, and I will share as these pages develop. Definitely easy and fun.

So, grab a journal, and get started! A super easy way to start art journaling! Blessings,


KellyRae said...

Great idea! Just a little daily snippet, something doable and something beautiful too. LOVE your doodled separator lines - each one is different. THANKS for this inspiration. Peeked at the Pinterest original but yours ROCKS!

storybeader said...

Great for short snippets! I tried to write vertical instead of horizontal but just didn't like it. Because I DO like how columns look, I split my pages in two. I like how the original artist made weather drawings. Fun! {:-Deb

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