Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some {Memory Box} Fun!

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It seems it has been a long while since I have shared my Memory Box creations. So, today I thought I would share some Memory Box Christmas ideas. Just click on the name of the item, and it will take you to the post with more details and close-up photos.

Dec. 25th

Spool Ornaments

Christmas Wishes

Ruffled Christmas

Rolled Tree

I hope you get some fun ideas. Have a blessed Thursday, and thanks for stopping by!


Cheryl said...

How adorable are these?! I just love the spool ornaments - very creative! {HUGS}

Anonymous said...

Patter, what lovely creations---thanks! I'm not able to sit down to craft anything today, but I sure did enjoy looking at yours, and maybe en route to a zillion errands I can dream of using some of your ideas.
Happy Day---Jennifer in Ohio

Blessed Ladybug said...

very nice thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Hi loved your sharing. Can you give some general directions for the rolled tree? What is the height of the tree? The width of the lowest roll? I see 9 layers. Thanks

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