Friday, January 27, 2012

Organizational {Friday} Frequently Used Stamps

First, are you surprised to see an "Organizational Friday" post? I am so swamped here that I just have not had time plus most of my things are organized just as I want them so there isn't a lot to post about. I will continue to post "Organizational Friday's" as I have time or something new to share. You can always ask for something specific too. If I can help and have time to post, I certainly will do that for ya! For all of my organizational tips, you can always reference this post too! I hope that helps!

Now onto my topic for today. I have come to realize that there are some stamps that I use frequently. I love my stamps how they are organized but I thought I would make ONE box filled with just the frequently used stamps on my desk. This way I can grab them fast without even getting up from my chair. Let's look at what I did.

Of course I used a Univenture binder but this particular binder is the A5 3-ring binder (19mm) instead of the A5 3-ring binder (32mm) that I use for all of my other stamps. I don't have THAT many "frequently used" stamps so I didn't need the wider binder. It looks like the smaller binder is even on sale now for $0.96!! Wow! Here is my binder covered in a piece of pink Memory Box paper. :)

I stamped a reference sheet to put in the binder. The reference sheet matches the placement of stamps on the page too so it's easy to find them. Sometimes reading stamps backwards can be difficult. LOL!

The reference sheet also tells me the stamp company name, the set name, and the box where the entire set can be found. If you have never seen my numbering system for my stamp storage boxes, please see my post here.

Now, I am thinking of moving my die storage to these binders. Not sure yet but be watching just in case I make that move! :) Also, be sure to check back on Tuesday when I will show you how I am using some of these "Frequently Used Stamps." Thanks for stopping by today, and I always appreciate each of you and the sweet comments you leave. Blessings,


StampnInkLady said...

Hi Patter, I want to thank you for your Friday Organizational postings sweet sister in Christ Jesus! I am in the middle of a mess of organization and have gleaned some great tips (nowhere near done reading them). Some for things I already have & can repurpose, others for things to buy. I wanted to ask you what the difference is between Ciao markers and Copics. The Copics are so expensive that it would take me a year to buy them one at a time. If the Ciao are the same, I would prefer to buy them. I would have e-mailed you privately, but could not find an e-mail addy on your blog. Thanks for your help in advance. Hugs Lori

Patter Cross said...

Hi Lisa! Glad you are getting organized. It feels great when you are done but there can always be something to improve. LOL! Anyway, yes, the Copic Ciao markers are the same they just don't hold as much ink and will not work with the airbrush. Other than that, just the same. I have a mix of the Ciao and Sketch markers. Hope that helps, and have a blessed day!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the great tip, Patter. I just went to the site and the 19mm binders are only $0.90 once you put them in your cart! What a great deal.

Have a good weekend. Hope all is well with you and your's.

Stephanie said...

Patter, I forgot to many pages will the smaller boxes hold? More than one? I'm primarily wanting to use these for clear stamps.

Patter Cross said...

Stephanie, they should hold 2 pages, and with clear stamps it could be more. ;) Hope that helps. Have a blessed weekend!

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter~

I always love your Organizational posts. You are so far ahead of me in this area! I wish I could fly you down to sunny Florida and ask your help for my overwhelmed art room! I have so many individual wood stamps that have recently been given to me that many are on the floor waiting for me to trip over them, I do now know how to store them. I have 1 box for people, 1 animals, 1 scenic,1 Religious, 1 Sentiments, 1 Christmas Only, 1 peg stamps, and then all of the SU! STamps stacked on top in their cases...and all of my acrylic or rubber not on wood stamps in one box. Any ideas that come to mind without me spending a fortune? I really can't keep lifting boxes of heavy stamps up when I need one on the bottom...and is that ok for the stamps, do you think? I know it is a blessing of a problem to have. I am grateful for the gift, and I have shared some with friends and through my blog. I still have some everywhere you look except in the cabinet I store paper in. Thanks, Sweetie! I appreciate all that you do! If you can, please email me back.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

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