Friday, March 16, 2012

Loving Color!

Oooh, I don't know about you, but I LOVE color! It just makes me happy! Of course I have my favorites but sometimes a rainbow of everything is what I really enjoy! Well, this amazing lady, Annette, created this gorgeous afghan using the Bobble stitch. Yes, that is her gorgeous afghan in the photo below! Be sure to see Annette's post here.

I asked her what yarn she used and about the pattern, and she linked me to this site for the pattern. She used the Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn for the afghan. So, I of course has to run to the store, and on the same day I ran to Hobby Lobby to grab the yarn to create this beauty, I got this gorgeous ad in the mail:


Did any of you get this? Look at those colors and those yellow wellies! So yummy! It's a 'keeper ad' for sure! I almost want to hang it on my wall. Just love it! Anyway, I decided to base my color rows off of this ad. Annette did not use teal in her afghan but I am going to add it as it is so beautiful. Otherwise, I think we are using close to the same colors. The ad did too. Did they see Annette's afghan? LOL! Anyway, here is how I will do my rows:


You will notice that I have noted 'grey/white' in the list above. I have both a light grey yarn and white. I am not sure what I will use in between the colors. What do you think would look great? The ad had a light grey, and I like it so that may be my choice. Then I will use white on the edging as Annette did. I am just not sure. I think my second attempt at this afghan, I will follow the ad colors exactly for a different look. I can't wait to see how they both turn out. I better get goin'. :) Here is how my first little afghan has started out this week:

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Notice the 'bobbles' on my afghan are offset. Annette has hers lined up but I am trying the 'offset' look. LOL! I can see myself making these afghans to donate, as gifts, etc. I really love this and all of the colors. I sure pray I don't get tired of it! Thanks for looking, and happy crafting whatever you are working on today! Blessings,

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Jo4Him said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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