Thursday, July 19, 2012

A {Little} Update

Are you wondering if you are ever going to hear from me again? Well, moving across country has turned out to be so much more than I remember from 14 years ago. And unpacking 432 boxes--well, let's just say it may take a year!

I thought you might enjoy a few photos as a little update. First, we got our bird feeders up, and as my husband says "It makes it feel more like home." We had one feeder come almost completely down the other day, and we knew it was something big that attacked the pole. We were told it was either a large raccoon or the black bear they have spotted in the area. We really don't think it was the bear but yes, there is one in the area. Eeek! No one told me I was moving to bear country. LOL! Anyway, after this photo was taken, we got two raccoon baffles for both bird feeders, and we haven't had an issue since. Yeah!

Thus far we have had cardinals, chickadees, titmice, humming birds, and goldfinches. I love my birds, and I can't wait to have time and sit and really enjoy watching them.

We have been to the Wild Bird Unlimited store here in town many times over the past week to get our set-ups just right. Well, the family that owns the store is so nice! They took us out back of the store the other day to show us the baby Carolina blue birds that have hatched in a birdhouse out by the woods. They are SO precious! One of my daughters tried to get a photo:

Aren't they precious? :)

Then I continue to work on my room little by little each day. It is taking a long time but my huge accomplishment was getting my paper rack up and my paper put away. Well, shortly after the rack was done, I heard this large "crash." I turned around to find this:

Yes, my paper rack fell, all 30 trays fell off, and the rack itself broke into 6 pieces!!! This was a Display Dynamics paper rack that I purchased for $50 from a scrapbook store that closed in town. I have had it for years so I guess it has "done its duty." Well, instead of purchasing another Display Dynamics unit like I had, I have ordered a Scrap 'n Cube Paper Tower Wall Studio. Now I know that will never break!!!! I can always trust Scrap 'n Cube for an AMAZING piece for my room! I can't wait to get it. I will share once it arrives and/or after the room is done.

Next, here are a couple of photos from my morning walks. These were taken on 2 separate days and in 2 separate places on the road behind right me on the water. It is always so quiet and peaceful and a wonderful place to pray each morning with my precious Father!

Well, I hope to be sharing some creations soon. I am trying to work hard around here but gosh my body is so sore. Three weeks of unpacking takes it's toll on the 'ol body! Thanks for stopping by, and blessings to each of you!


Wanda Cullen said...

Loved reading your update, Patter, and seeing your photos...what a beautiful view you've got! Maybe I should move to a new location, so I can re-organize my craft room - lol!

TLady said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!!! Looks like a "resort!" :) Can't wait to see some of your creations! :) Just know, we're waiting PATIENTLY! :) (I am a NEW follower!) :)

suzyq36 said...

Bear!!!! Patter that would have gotten my attention. I'm glad things are going well. What about the weather? What does your temp run during the day. It looks very nice. When is your mom coming to visit? I bet she is ready. Take care and yes I miss your blogging!

Ladybug said...

Sorry that your paper rack bit the dust, so to speak. But, OMG, your surroundings are simply gorgeous. Totally God's country!!!

You are totally blessed!!! :-) TFS!

Kim said...

Moving from NJ to WV I can totally relate! It's been 2 years and I still have boxes that I never unpacked!
BTW..Your varmit that attacked the feeder was probably a squirrel! My Mom and Dad have problems with squirrels eating all the birdfeed out of's actually very comical to watch them try and get into them! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view! I hope none of the paper was damaged (nor your back in picking up the wreckage). Your faithful readers do miss you; I sure do!

Please take care of yourself, and enjoy setting up and organizing your new "checkerboard" of daily living.

Prayers for a smooth transition---
Jennifer in Ohio (still altering clipboards as your tutorial said, and branching into various sizes!!)

Mary said...

Hi Patter, so glad to hear from you, I've been checking daily for the last week. What a beautiful view. And so exciting to be getting a new paper rack! We look forward to hearing more about your craft space. And I do hope you have a jacuzzi to soak in! take care, Mary in VA

Anonymous said...

So happy for you Patter. Your home and surroundings are just beautiful. You must have moved East?? Have'nt seen anything so pretty out West lately. Before you know it, you'll be unpacked and all settled in. Hope you have a good church in the area. Miss your blogs.

muna khan said...
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Traci S. said...

What a beautiful area! I am so sorry about your paper rack! It seems the old one served you well, however. I LOVE the new one. We are searching for a place to put my 12"x12" paper and paper pads. There is just so much, and I haven't bought any all year...and won't until next year at least. I'm sorry this happened right after you had it all set up! Good luck!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

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