Friday, March 8, 2013

Organizational {Friday} Ikea Expedit Compared to Stratford Storage

Many people online seem to use the Ikea Expedit for scrapbook storage. While I like it, I no longer have an Ikea near me, and I also wanted a unit that was solid wood. I found a unit on called the Stratford Storage Unit (see photo above). It is solid pine with an espresso finish. I love it, and it was very easy to build. The cubbie openings measure 12"x12" so there is lots of storage room. I did not put the back on this unit because I wanted to be able to reach through to my electrical outlets. It does not cause a problem at all to leave the back off. I also love that shipping from was only $2.95 so my total for this unit including shipping was $207.57 (price is currently about $2.50 more now; see below). Here is a comparison of the Ikea Expedit vs. the Stratford Storage Unit:

Description: Particleboard, Paper, Fiberboard, ABS plastic, Acrylic paint, Foil 
Width: 58 5/8 "
Depth: 15 3/8 "
Height: 58 5/8 "
No. of Cubbies: 16
Price: $139.00
Shipping: $249.00 (to my zip code; IKEA is 1 hour away)
Total: $388.00

Description: Solid, plantation-grown pine wood with Espresso finish
Width: 44"
Depth: 16"
Height: 46"
No. of Cubbies: 9
Price: $207.89
Shipping: $2.95
Total: $210.84

Yes, my unit is slightly smaller but it is perfect size for me, and you do not have to anchor it to the wall. I have heard of many people having to anchor the Expedit to the wall. Plus it is $177.16 cheaper if you have to have it shipped. So if you have been wanting an Expedit, my unit may be just what you are looking for!

The baskets I purchased are from The Land of Nod, and they are called the Strapping Cube Bin. They measure 11"w x 12"d x 10.25"h and come in many different colors. I chose the Khaki colored bins so that they would also match any room no matter what the color.
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What's in the Unit?
So you can see all of the goodies I have stored in this unit: (Note: click highlighted words to go to that particular post.)

*Top of unit: telephone with answering machine, washi tape, antique storage units full of embellishments, clock, calendar

*Top row: basket with charm packs and oil cloth, Epson Picturemate printer, Blue Fern Studios chipboard, basket with packaging to recycle

*Middle row: flowers, basket with layer cake fabric and current fabric project, Project Life/Simple Stories stamp binder, mini Clip-it-Up with wood veneers and lots of Prima Junk Findings

*Bottom row: basket with interfacing and batting, basket with canvas, basket with burlap

To make the tags, I die cut tags from recycled vitamin boxes. I then added some colorful washi tape to the bottom of each tag, wrote what I store in the basket, and tied it to the basket with jute. Things are super easy for me to find, and I think it looks fun too.
RAK Winners
Now for our flower winner. If you visited my blog last week, you know that I am giving away some flowers. If you left a comment on that post, then you were entered into my drawing. I decided to pick 2 winners again, and they are:

Becky said... Such a great tip for organizing flowers and a chance to win some of your lovely flowers. MARCH 1, 2013 AT 8:31 AM

AggieMom said... Love your organizational ideas and have put many of them to use in my craft studio. I also have a weakness for pretty flowers and rarely pass up an opportunity to add to my stash MARCH 1, 2013 AT 9:58 AM

Congrats to both of you! Please e-mail me your addresses so that I can get some flowers off to each of you!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have enjoyed today's post. Blessings,


TLady said...

LOOKING QUITE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your chest with all the little drawers (can't remember the name of those at this moment!) I HAVE ONE myself, it's EXACTLY the SAME!!!! :) DO SHOW MORE pictures of your crafting area!?!?!?! Just this sneak peek, tells me IT GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Natalie said...

Fabulous work area! Or should I say play area! It's beautifully done, Patter! Thanks for sharing the info about the storage units. My problem is I have a hubby that can make those for me, but time is an issue. So, I'm learning patience ;-)
God bless!n

Unknown said...

Patter...your e-mails are always so informative and detailed!! I love how much effort you give so that we can learn from you!!

Thanks again!


Penny Smith said...

First of all, your comparing different sized units (you DO know there are several sized Expedit shelving units, right? 2x2, 2x4, 1x4, 4x4, and 5x5 cubes...) AND the most important difference? Is that Expedt has just over 13"x13" inch square/cube openings!!! Most papers are over 12x12 because of the strip on the end of the paper. So getting a shelving unit that has 12x12 openings, you re going to be PRETTY disappointed that the openings don't work with 12x12 papers without cutting off the end strip. Or the baskets or paper trays that so many people like to put IN there expedit that makes it such a popular choice, won't fit in your 12x12 unit. You can get cubes too small at Target or Michael's. But getting cubbies that work with 12x12 papers the way Expedit does is the selling point. And as for wood verse "non-wood". Ikea used non-toxic composites, veneers and adhesives. AND any wood they DO use is easily sustainable and recycleable wood. "All wood" doesn't automatically equal "all good". With the issues I mention here, it is truly an uneven comparison... especially since you tacked on shipping to your particular area. Shipping varies GREATLY and the point to the great price of Ikea is its price in store. I drive almost 3 hours to get to my Ikea. Totally worth it because what they have fulfilled my needs in a way other storage units (and furniture in many cases) doesn't. I understand you are trying to give people an alternative. But unless it is a 13x13 cube size, they can't really be compared for what makes Expedit so idea to so many scrapbookers.

Penny Smith said...

(and a similar sized Expedit unit would NOT have to be anchored to the wall! Only the 5x5 cube size really might possibly need that! Kinda silly to site it as a negative when you are referring to a unit twice as big!)

Patter Cross said...

Penny, I appreciate your comment , and I do know there are different sized units. For me, the points I listed were selling points for me for the unit I got. The paper with the tab on the end does stand up in my unit but I would have it on the side so I could easily flip through the strip on the end to see manufacturer, etc. And yes, I personally prefer all wood. That's what I look for. Others may also look for that too. I also know that shipping does vary. I noted that shipping was from my zip code. I was offering people another option. What works for you is great but doesn't work for everyone just as what I use doesn't work for everyone. Have a blessed evening.

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