Monday, August 19, 2013

Off to College!

I can't believe my own post title"Off to College." Have our girls grown that fast that they are now in college? I unfortunately must say 'yes' to that question. We have spent the past 5 days getting two of our girls settled in their new town and dorm room. I have been telling people that I would flood the U.S. when we said good-bye but I didn't! And I certainly cannot give myself any credit. It was all God. I have prayed and prayed that He would cover me in His peace, and He did just that. Thank you Father! I am in awe of what He has done these past five days. He has them at such an amazing Christian school, and I know they are right where He wants them. In fact, one of the things the school shared with us is that this university is:

"An invitation to ordinary men and women to be transformed by an extraordinary God."

I know He is going to transform them, and I can't wait to see how He grows them and molds them into the Godly women He has created them to be. I think that's why I didn't cry much either because I am so excited for them. I can't believe I am even writing this. Yes, there have been some tears but not nearly what I expected from myself. LOL! God is good. And here are a few photos:

This is "move in morning." It was pouring down rain. This particular picture was on the school's Facebook page, and they happened to get my car as we moved in. A local church takes everything to the dorm room for you. They made it SO easy!

And our first look at their roomconcrete walls, drab, and icky. :)

Hanging pictures and getting settled in.

I forgot to get a final picture but it looks SO much cuter now. I think they will enjoy it.

We left them around noon today. One of our girls had an audition at 2 p.m., and she was invited to join the university orchestra playing oboe. We got the call from her as we were driving home. We were so excited but then it got even better because they have invited my other daughter to learn percussion to join the orchestra also. She actually plays saxophone and guitar but with her Chiari Malformation, it bothers her head to much to play her saxophone. So, they are going to have her learn and play tympani! She has wanted to play percussion for many, many years but she was already in too much. God heard that desire and has blessed her with that. They even said they would look into music scholarships for each of our girls but my daughter told him to "Please give it to someone else in need." When she told me she said that, yes, I did cry. I was so proud, amazed, and thankful.

Well, enough of my "proud mommy sharing." Thank you for joining me in my excitement. Now I have to see how we adjust to a quiet householdjust the 3 of us. What does God have in store of us now? I can't wait to see! Have a blessed week!


MichelleZ said...

It looks like your daughters are excited for their new adventures! I have a funny story to tell you about when my son moved into his dorm freshman year.
After many trips of dragging everything to his third floor dorm room, the only thing left was a laundry basket of clothes he had left in the van. Just as he was hauling it out a man and his daughter pulled their Uhaul up next to our car. He looked at my son and the laundry basket and said to his daughter, "I told you you brought too much."
I still giggle about how overwhelmed that poor father must've felt.
Best wishes to you and your family as you all make a new transition.

Anonymous said...

I've watched your girls grow up through your blog and it is amazing they are now in college. They have been raised properly and will do just great:)

Grace said...

Oh this does bring back memories of leaving Christy at Liberty University many years ago! The room looks just the same except freshmen there were 4 in a room this size... 2 bunks, 2 dressers, 2 desks, and 4 girls! Oh that was a tough year for her, and therefore for mom, but it got much better the next year and she grew so much from the experience, as I know your girls will as well! Sounds like lots of exciting adventures ahead, and of course, prayers will continue for them both, especially Katie as she deals with her health issues. We know God will supply according to His riches in glory... and there is no detail too small to bring to Him... I know mom will be spending much time on her knees, but they will be just fine in God's protection... and congrats to you for not crying buckets this week!

TLady said...

I'm with you Patter! Our youngest, is going off to school this next weekend along with her older brother!(He'll be in his Senior year!) :( It is a GOOD Christian college too! :)We've seen our son mature over the last three years & know our daughter will do the same! AND I wonder also, WHAT DOES GOD HAVE for us NOW????:)

Debby said...

I can't believe your girls are old enough to go to college. I moved my son Saturday for his 3rd year at USC and my granddaughter is now at college...1st year at Anderson. You can see how life moves quickly by watching our children grow.

Stephanie said...

How well I remember all the emotions of leaving our oldest at college! What a blessing that they can room together - that has to be a comfort for them and for you. Congrats on crying less than you thought. :) God's grace is amazing isn't it? I've learned that knowing our children are where God wants them and that they are doing what makes them happy helps those times of difficult adjustments (going to college, getting married, etc.). Thanks for sharing with us. I knew they were leaving soon but wasn't sure exactly when.

Gail S. said...

I'm surprised the third daughter didn't join the other two. Maybe I missed an earlier post about her plans. I've read your blog on & off for years, I'm subscribed to several and sometimes it's hard to keep up. I really like our organization ones.

Catherine said...

God is so good Patter! I love hearing how He not only covered you but blessed your daughter by giving her the opportunity to do what she has wanted to do for so long. You and your husband seem to have done a marvelous job raising godly young women. Now stand back and watch as God amazes you with what He will do next!

Susan said...

You have amazing daughters and it is a testament to your raising of your daughters when she generously passed the blessing on to someone else. What a classy and selfless thing to do, I would be a proud mommy too!!!

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter~

Wow! Time has certainly flown by. God is great all of the time. Your post shows it. Of course, He gave us all of our emotions, so you may still have a few tears packed away for when you least expect it. It is normal, I assure you.

You have raised 3 amazing young women. We have learned about them through this blog. You must be so proud of how your two students are on their path...God's path. And, I am sure the daughter remaining at home for now, will have some amazing 1 on 1 time with you...and with God. It's all in His hands.

I am here if you ever want to talk. I said goodbye to my son went he moved into his own condo and attended community college at 18. And again, as he left for a new life in the USAF. I hope the girls are set up for SKYPE. It is a great way to stay close.

Traci Starkweather

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and yours, Patter! This post is a complete blessing, a confirmation that our marvelous Lord is miraculously at work in your family's lives. Praise God! There are tears of pride and joy and gratitude and yes, some sadness at missing our dears. As my parents drove away after moving me into my first dorm room, I walked up the hill to the drugstore and bought, among other things, Christmas cards as a way of remembering that I was indeed, going to get to go home sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign that my previous dorm story and prayers of thanks were from Jennifer in OH

Tracey Gregory said...

Such a bittersweet time, my oldest is a senior in college and u can hardly believe it. This can be a tough time but make it a proud time too, after all, you have raused them ti follow their dreams!

Susan M said...

Hope you keep us posted on how they are getting on ! They are blessed to have a praying mother! Hope your other daughter is not missing them too much!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into this experience! I love reading about God working in people's lives and clearly He has here. May their school year continue to be blessed!

Erin Blegen said...

What an exciting time! Although I can't imagine doing it myself as a parent, it must be so hard letting go. But you've raised some really amazing kids- you should be proud. I'm sure God has great things in store for you and your daughters :)


Valerie Serfozo said...

What an exciting time for your daughters, Patter. You have raised them to be responsible young women and I'm confident their college years will be a life-changing experience. Thanks be to God for answered prayers.

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