Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's {Tip} 1 Yard Please

Do you have to measure out yardage frequently? I do! It seems I always want a yard of twine or need to measure out a yard of Hug Snug to make my hand-dyed seam binding, etc. I finally got tired of pulling out the yard stick so here is what I did.

I grabbed a black Sharpie and a yard stick. I put the yard stick on my plastic fold-out table that I use for art journaling. I then marked out 1 yard. Yes, I used Sharpie on my table but it gets messy anyway. You could also use pieces of washi tape which would look pretty but it may not stick very well. 

I cannot tell you how often I use this and what a time-saver it has been. My sewing cabinet has a built in ruler but it only goes up to 19 inches. I wanted a full yard. 

I just love these two little markings on my art table, and I am glad I "took the plunge" and marked it! Is there something that you need to mark that might help you? Have a blessed Tuesday!


Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Patter, it sure is awesome! I did that to my craft table a while back as well. I too was always looking for my tape measure and got tired of itand marked my table. It sure makes things a lot easier! Hope all is well! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

KathyFuller said...

What a great tip!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Simple solutions to make everyday tasks easier---hurrah~! Thanks for all your inspiration, Patter!
Jennifer in Ohio

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