Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday's {Tip} Lids, Lids, Lids

Back in February, I shared this post where I showed you how I save yogurt cup lids to use for paint palettes or for stamping circles on layouts. If you missed that post, please click here.

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Today I wanted to show you some other lids that I am also now savinglarger plastic lids from various items in my pantry. When we finish up something from the pantry, I just pop the lid in the top rack of the dishwasher and then bring them up to my studio to use. They are very nice and sturdy plastic. I also keep lids from the Scentsy body butter I use. All of these lids work great for misting, mixing paints, using as a palette, etc. 

The larger red lid is from a big tub of CoffeeMate. It is really great for placing down a piece and misting on it or painting. Your work surface stays neat, and it's easy to run these lids under water in the sink to clean them. If they stay a bit dirty (like the red one), it's fine. If they get really messy, I can just throw them out. Nothing lost; I am sure I will have another one ready to recycle soon.

So, search your pantry, and start saving those lids. They really are great for all sorts of things. Have a blessed Tuesday!

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