Friday, March 21, 2014

Organizational {Friday} Embellishment Center

So, how do you store all of the tiny things? Maybe you store some of them in an old spice rack or some on your Clip-it-Up. But what about those things you don't want to put there or that don't have packaging or you just don't know what to do with? Maybe you have these items stuffed in a drawer and you just hunt for what you want. 

Well, today I wanted to share my new embellishment center. I purchased this old wooden cassette tape holder from eBay, and I thought it would be great for embellishments. Some people use these to store their ink pads. I already have great storage for my ink pads already so I did not want to use it for that. You can click here to see that storage (scroll to the last photo). 
Note: The awesome papercrafting ruler in the photo was given to me by my precious dad. Thanks Dad!

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First, I went on a search for boxes that would fit these small spaces so that I could use this unit for some of the embellishments I had stored in drawers. After purging some items and organizing this unit, I freed up at least 4 drawers in my Scrap 'n Cube. Yeah! Now my drawers are ready for other larger things. I found these clear boxes from that fit the spaces very nicely.
These boxes measure 4 3/8 x 3 x 8 5/16. The packaging of many embellishments take up a lot of room so moving them to these little boxes was perfect.  And for those embellishments that do not come in packaging (such a tickets or tiny envelopes), now they are easily stored and labeled in these boxes.

To start, I made labels for each section. I took 5 empty boxes and covered the sides with colorful washi tape. I then used a clear label to show what is in each column. I really didn't need to do that but I also wanted to bring come color to this piece.

Each box is individually labeled with what I have inside. I also cut a piece of the packaging to slip inside just in case I needed to know more about the product. Things I am currently storing in this new embellishment center include:
  • ATG refills
  • Envelopes (tiny)
  • Paper bags (small)
  • Paperclips (decorative)
  • Sequins
  • Tags (tiny)
  • Tickets
. . . and more. But as you can see, I still have a lot of open space. I would rather have growing room than have it filled up already! Other things you could keep in here are:
  • Buttons
  • Flair
  • Flowers (small)
  • Inks
  • Washi tape
  • Wood veneers

The possibilities are endless! Some people even lie the unit on a desk and keep their Project Life cards in these spaces. I love my Project Life storage, so I did not need this unit for that. Click here to see my Project Life storage.

The slots are also the perfect size to store my ATG refills. I store those boxes in the far right column. You can see them in the very first photo.

If you want to search for one of these units, you can search on Napa Valley Wood Cassette Storage. They come in many different sizes. I chose the largest which has 100 slots. I always think it's better to have more space than not enough.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are able to get some great ideas from today's post. Have a blessed Friday!


Anonymous said...

Admirable re-purposing of the old cassette holder. I wonder if I might find one at a garage sale sometime.....

Your organizational skills amaze me, and all the more so since you obviously use your right brain for much creativity and beautiful messes. (I mean that in a most positive way.)

Happy papercrafting, Patter!

Jennifer in Ohi9o

Sue in OR said...

While I mostly use mine for ink pads, I have enough open spaces to do this too! Thanks for the awesome idea. I got my unit on ebay but see them at thrift stores all the time.

Carolyn said...

Love this idea Patter! Wonderful job find those boxes.

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter--

Great ideas! I need a place to store all of my ink, and I just happen to still have my cassette tape holder! Thank you for the idea!

I watched the video on your beautiful art studio. I had 2 questions for you. Where and how do you store wood stamps? Also, I have purchased a retiring teacher's wooden cubby storage. (Kindergarten student's backpack holders,with many wood cubes that 12"x12" paper fits in.) I am sorting all loose paper by color in each cube. Pads of paper are still stored in my cabinet. I want to store all of my embellishments by color and keep them in large plastic jars in the coordinating cube.(All pink ribbon and brads and anything but stickers) I think of color first when working on cards or scrapbook pages. Do you think this will work? Do you forsee any problems? I still have other storage for things that may get ruined like this. Paints and markers etc...would be stored in cases. (Hopefully, before I move everything back into my room!LOL)

I appreciate your wisdom and love your creativity!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Patter Cross said...

Hi Traci! Thanks for commenting, and I pray you are well! As far as storing my wooden stamps, they are in many different spots. I keep some on the wall in an old printers tray. That was in the first part of the video in the "die cutting station." Some are in an acrylic nailpolish holder, and some are in the pink and brown boxes below my unmounted stamps which are all on top of my Scrap 'n Cube. That would have been towards the end of the video. I like to have my favorites out to see. I think they look nice.

And glad you got a great cubby for storage. It will be great for your paper. I am not sure if you are keeping ALL pink embellishments in one jar, etc. or if you are dividing them somehow. For me, I could not do that. It would drive me nuts to have flowers with buttons, etc. I have my separated by color but also by category. I hope that makes sense but it may work perfectly for you!

Let me know if you have other questions. Blessings,

Steph Almasy said...

I LOVE the look of your old wood, aged pieces. It gives your space such character! And of course I immediately recognized your Tiara Scentsy warmer. :D

Kelly Keegan said...

I am looking to get one of these on eBay for ink pad storage. Can you tell me how tall each slot is? I'm worried I will buy it and my pads won't fit. Thanks!

Kelly Keegan said...

I am looking to get one of these on eBay for ink pad storage. Can you tell me how tall each slot is? I'm worried I will buy it and my pads won't fit. Thanks!

Kelly Keegan said...

I am looking to get one of these on eBay for ink pad storage. Can you tell me how tall each slot is? I'm worried I will buy it and my pads won't fit. Thanks!

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