Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Documented Life Planner & a Video

I have been following Roben-Marie's posts all year long about The Documented Life Project. Well, I didn't jump on board but continued to watch. As the end of April approached, I decided it was time to give this project a try, and oh my goodness, am I glad I did! Holding this completed book is just AMAZING! It's chunky, fun, and full of color which makes me happy. Let's look at my book.

The Tabs
To create my tabs, I scanned my painted cover and printed the image onto cardstock. Then I cut out tabs using the Spellbinders Creative Page Tabs die. Once I cut them out, I added the monthly labels to each tab, and sealed them with book tape. If you have a Xyron, you can use the lamination/sticker cartridge for sealing also. However, please note, that either option involves cutting the laminate or tape around the edges of each tab. Yes, quite painstaking but worth it since the tabs will hold up over time!

The Front
I always love using hearts and circles on my art journaling pages as well as hymn sheets. So, this cover incorporates all of that. 
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The Back
The back is sort of a mirror image of the front. I did open the book and paint the entire front and back together as one piece.

The Pages
The journal is filled with fold-out pages. Some pages are mixed media sheets so I can paint on them. Some are doilies, envelopes, paper bags, tags, etc. Below I have a video for you showing you the inside of this planner. :) 

In the class I took (click here to see the class), Lorraine Bell suggests adding fold-out pages to every page; however, I did not. I have an 18 month calendar, and it would have just been way too full if I added a fold out section to every week. So, I did every other week, and I think this will work out fine. It did make my book nice and chunky! To add the fold-out pages, you use washi tape. Now you can see where all of my washi scraps came from. If you missed my washi scrap embellishment post, please click here. :) Now, isn't all of this color just yummy? And look how chunky!

A Video Flip Through
And here is a quick flip through my journal. It is blank at the moment but I wanted to show you some of the fun additions I added inside. And you will notice some threads in my book. I have done some sewing, and I like to leave the threads long for more texture and fun.

The journal I have used for this project is the Moleskine 2014-2015 Weekly Planner, 18-Month. You can find it on by clicking here.

Next, I will be prepping some of the inside pages with paint so that when July arrives, I am ready to go! I hope you have enjoyed seeing my planner. And if you want to make one, don't forget to click here for all of the details of the class. It's only $12! Blessings,


Bill's pet said...
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Lisa said...

Absolutely beautimous, I want one please.. I am so inspired to start one..TFS


Debbie From Illinois said...

This is wonderful!

Cassie said...

Yup, this completely inspired me to sign up last week and make a planner! I'm so super excited with how it turned out, and I feel like I really have you to thank for pushing me in that direction. I loved your video, and really love how your planner turned out. Thanks, Patter :)

Rushd Lady said...

Enjoyed looking at your planned book!

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