Wednesday, August 6, 2014

{Art Journaling} His Will

Today I wanted to share a page with you that I started several weeks ago. I had actually started the background, and it was terrible. I set is aside and worked on other pages. Then I told myself that I would not waste a page, and that there are no mistakes in art journaling. Embrace it, and enjoy! So, that's what I did. Once I played with the page some more and covered areas I didn't like, I think overall I am happy with it now. Here is how it turned out:
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Those older Prima flowers can cover lots of things. LOL! I used Prima Color Bloom Mist to color the flowers to match the page. If you have older Prima flowers, hang onto them. You never know when they will come in handy.

The quote is by Dr. Henrietta Mears:

"God has given us a will to choose His will."

The day after I found this quote, we found out that one of our girls may not be going to college in a couple of weeks as she may need back surgery. It's in God's hands, and we will find out just 3 days before we are supposed to leave for school. It has been hard for her and for all of us, but we have to trust and choose His will for her even if that means she has to stay home.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you are inspired to try an art journaling page with a quote you love. Blessings,


Donya said...

Gorgeous colors! & I love all the texture! This is beautiful!

Ashley Calder said...

I love that you kept working in this page until you were happy with it. The circles with the ledger and blue/yellow on them are my favourite part!

Kristol said...

This is stunningly gorgeous. I enjoy your artistic style. And I pray often for God's will be done, not mine, for complete and total surrender. Thanks Patter for letting your passion for the Lord shine through in your art and your words.

Joyce Kers said...

Oh Patter, you really nailed this! Fabulous work and I'm glad that you find so much joy in art journaling. Keep 'em coming friend.

Kelly R said...

I do like how you integrate your faith into your art. And hope the best for your daughter. The design of your page is nice especially the circles and the soft colors.

Susan M said...

Love how your page turned out ! The colours are fabulous! Praying that your daughter has peace at this time .

Bunnyfreak said...

Lifting your daughter and family in prayer. My God's will be done.

Gina Sparks said...

Oh, Patter...I will pray for your daughters health issue and also that He will lead you to the right surgeon. Both my husband and I each have had recent neck fusions. I went to a neurosurgeon and he went to an orthopedic surgeon. My surgery was successful. His was not. I know the neck and back are 2 separate areas but getting the right kind of surgeon is key. Please keep us updated:)

Gina S

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