Sunday, February 22, 2015

Glory Art {Tips} A Makeup Sponge and a Flip Flop

Now from today's title, you are probably wondering what the tip is going to be today. Well, these are a couple of things that I have learned in Christy Tomlinson's online classes, and they have become things that I use a lot for added texture to my creations. So grab a makeup sponge and a flip flop, and let's get started. :)

Makeup sponges are inexpensive, and you can use them in a lot of ways. This tip I love because it's a different shape than I usually use. I am a circle girl. You probably see circles on most of my creations. Well, this time we are going to cut the sponge so that you create a square. Make sure when you purchase a package of sponges that they can be easily cut into a square. I like to buy the wedge-shaped sponges. Once you have the sponge cut, dip it into some acrylic paint or ink and stamp away. Such an easy, fun technique. Here you can see two of my cards "in process" after stamping some squares using white acrylic paint. Below that, you will see another example of stamping squares. I am creating a canvas, and it is "in process" and not nearly done but I thought you would enjoy seeing another example of stamped squares.

When purchasing flip flops, look at the sole of the shoe. They have many different patterns. The one I have and love has lines. You can see how I stamped the lines on my card. I used black ink but I also use gesso a lot too as you can tell from the flip flop piece. Yes, I do cut the flip flops so they are easier to handle. Buying children's flip flops work great!

Thanks for joining me, and remember, to see all of the previous art tips, please see this post here. I hope you have enjoyed today's easy and inexpensive tip! Have fun with those flip flops and sponges. Blessings,

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Barbara said...

These are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

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