Sunday, May 10, 2015

Glory Art {Tips} Painting and Sticker Packs

I have two separate tips for you todaya painting tip and getting the most out of a sticker pack.

You will notice on my Journaling Bible page today that I used paint over the scriptures. I usually do not like doing that but I have pulled out some of my translucent paints so you can still read His Word. The translucent paints I have and love are by Art Anthology and Studio paint by Claudine Hellmuth. I used Art Anthology paints today.

To add the paint to my page, I just put a dab on an old card (credit card, hotel room key, etc.), and I drag the paint across the page. It is a quick and easy way to get color down onto your page. You can see mine below as I started. But I must say that I am a bit disappointed in my photography of this page. I tried many different things to get it to look like it does in person but it just did not work. The blue is barely showing up. So imagine more blue than what is showing here but remember, the paint is translucent so it is a very nice "wash" over the text.

Tim Holtz Chit Chat Stickers
The Tim Holtz Chit Chat word stickers are great for all of your creations. There are 6 pages of words3 pages on white cardstock and 3 pages on kraft cardstock for a total of 1088 stickers.

The only issue is that this sticker book can't possibly have every word you would ever need. Well, I have a solution for that. If you notice at the very top of each page, there is a blank space between the top row of words and the spiral binding. That space can be trimmed to type your own words. That is what I did for today's page. This sticker book did not have the word "consume" so I cut it out from the top of the kraft page at the back. Then I typed the word on my manual typewriter, trimmed it, and added it to my page. I also saved the remaining piece so that I can type another word in the future. I just added it back to the spiral binding as you see below.

I hope you find today's tips helpful. Have fun painting and creating your own word stickers! Blessings,

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Dani Knox said...

Where do you find the Art Anthology paint? I love the color and look! Is the Studio paint that translucent looking as well? Blessings!

Patter Cross said...

The two stores I recommend for the Art Anthology paints are:


The Studio paints are just as translucent unless you are using the darker colors. Some can be a bit dark.

Hope that helps, and Jennifer, I am praying for you. Glad you are enjoying the scriptures! Blessings,

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