Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ready for Some New {Crochet}?

I haven't shared any crochet in a while. Since getting our puppies in February and May of 2015, I really have not been able to crochet. They love to eat my yarn, my yarn basket, etc. Well, this past weekend, my precious aunt brought a baby chest to me that my great grandmother used for all 9 of her children back in the early 1900s. Well, this amazing piece is now allowing me to crochet again. How you ask? Well, let's look.

The Chest
At first, I was going to put this chest in one of my daughter's bedrooms because she also has Great Grandmother's furniture in her room. Well, one night I woke up with the idea to put the chest in the living room between the sofa and love seat. Guess what? It fits beautifully! 

The drawers are empty right now except the top drawer. It has turned out to be the best "crochet basket." The dogs can't get into it, and when I crochet, I just open the drawer. Then I leave the skein in the drawer and pull my yarn from there while I work. I am SO excited. See the new afghan I just started? It's on the left in the drawer.

The New Pattern
So, why was I looking for a new pattern? Most of you know I love crocheting afghans using my favorite shell pattern. If you have missed those posts, look here and you will see it in many different afghans and a couple of scarves. Anyway, I wanted to find a pattern that is super easy, that I can memorize and work on while my daughter has her open heart surgery. The shell pattern fits what I was looking for but I also wanted something new. I found something, and I have been playing with it the past few days. I think I am going to love it. It definitely looks better in person that what you see in the drawer above. :) And this pattern is even easier than the shell pattern (which I didn't think possible). This would make a great beginner afghan for someone new to crochet.

The pattern is called the "No Holes Baby Blanket." You can find the pattern and details by clicking here.

Colors I am Using
I am using my favorite Hobby Lobby yarn "I Love This Yarn." I did not want to use many colors because I don't want to have to carry too much to the hospital. So, I am limiting this particular afghan to 4 colors. I am using:

So, if you are looking for mindless, easy crochet, this might be the pattern for you. Or if you have furry family members that bother your yarn, look around your home for a cabinet that you could possibly move close to your chair. Thanks for joining me today!


Davi said...

A pretty color combo ;)

Maureen Hayes said...

I'll have to take a look and see if I can figure out this pattern, I haven't crochets since my grandma taught me when I was a kid. What date is your daughters surgery? I want to make sure I mark my calendar and get my prayer warriors ready. Soooo glad this chest worked out for you to be able to pick up your yarn work again,

Hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Love the grandmother chest, the use without letting inquisitive dogs help, the crochet pattern. Thank you for the shell pattern, which I have used for several things now. Most recently I've begun a large afghan as a wedding present for April 23-----it may have to be a first Christmas present if I get bogged down with other things. I am using a chunky variegated yarn with J hook, then bands of two other colors "riffing" on the themes in the original yarn---it repeats the most, but the others will, too, beginning and ending the same. It will be very warm, and I shall hate to part with it by then----prayers for you and yours. Love, Jennifer in OH

Aimeslee said...

Patter, what an ingenious idea! Your crochet work is so pretty. I've tried that and knitting and being a southpaw doesn't make it impossible but makes it too hard for my lazy self, haha. Even have one of those circle knitter things. Maybe one day...

Susan M said...

Your chest is beautiful and the colors of the yarn are really pretty !

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