Sunday, April 3, 2016

Art {Journaling} Tags for the Art-Full Attaché Workshop

If you remember my post from last week about the cover I made in Roben-Marie's Art-Full Attaché Workshop, I mentioned that I made a couple of tags while creating the cover. I wanted to share those tags with you today. And if you missed the post about the cover and Roben-Marie's class, click here.

These tags were simple to create while doing the cover. I just had them sitting on my desk next to the cover and painted them at the same time. I ended up with two tags that I love, and they did not take anymore time. They were simple and fast. Here is how they turned out.

And here is how they look with the cover.

So, next time you are doing a bit of art journaling, have a couple of tags on hand to create at the same time! Enjoy, and have a great Sunday!

(Note: The tags I used are listed below. For a complete product list, see the post linked above.)

View blog post for supplies

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