Thursday, December 8, 2016

{Planner Fun} Organizing for the New Year

This past year has been so extremely crazy with my daughter's surgeries, one of our pups surgeries and care which started in October and is still ongoing, and just everyday life. Well, if I don't start the New Year organized, it's only going to go downhill. So, while the dogs were all away for three days, I have taken time to really get on top of things (my calendar, to do's, house organizing, etc.). If I can start the New Year like this, it will be so helpful. It's crazy how fast things can get out of control. Don't you hate that?

I have been using a planner since at least 1989 if not before. I have used Day Timer, Franklin, Erin Condren, Plum Planner, you name it. Well, I find the larger planners are just too big for me now. I want to carry something with me so I looked at the new MAMBI Create 365 Mini Planner. I am in love. And let me make this pointI am NOT a planner person that fills her planner with stickers and craziness. To me, it makes me stressed. It is not enjoyable for me. I just use it for appointments and reminders that are ongoing. Now, if lots of stickers are your thing, great. It's just not for me.

Let's look at what I am using now through 2017. First, I took an old PB Teen Carry-all Organizer that I have had for years. I cleaned it out, and I have decided to house my planner stash and to-do book in here. This box will stay downstairs instead of up in my studio so I can have quick access to it. Here you will see:
  • PB Teen Carry-all Organizer
  • MAMBI Create 365 Mini Planner
  • My to-do book
  • Vera Bradley pen case

Once open, you can see some small inks, washi tape, and dot roller inside the case. Not seen is an acrylic block, stamp sets, scissors, and a few stickers. I do use trash can stickers, birthday stickers, dog stickers, and a few other tiny ones but I still want my planner to be easily readable. I also put my to-do book and pen case inside the bottom of the PB Teen case. I keep my planner out because I take it with me. That's one reason I love the small size.

And one of my favorite things about this planner is that I can punch business cards and create my own pages to punch and put in the planner. Above you can see a punched appointment reminder, and below you can see my Christmas Card list. I put the list at the back of December 2016. Once Christmas is over, I will move it to the end of December 2017 so I am ready to go.

This particular calendar is a 2017 calendar. So, I purchased the 6-month mini extension pack so that I could add December 2016. I am able to use the calendar now, and I am really loving it. The pens I use are the PaperMate InkJoy pens. I color code my appoinments, and these pens work great. In years' past, I have used the Frixion eraseable pens but I am no longer happy with them.

I have linked a few of my supplies below that I could find. The mini planners are available at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Have fun getting ready for 2017, and thanks for joining me. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below, and I will answer there. Comments are always welcome too. Blessings,

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