Friday, January 13, 2017

A Personal Printer Comparison: Epson Charm, Epson PM400, and Canon Selphy

Okay, I have wanted to upgrade my Epson Charm for sometime. I have had it for years, and it has served me well. Anyway, I did a photo comparison so that this may help some of you trying to make the same decision. Let's look at what I did and what I discovered.
  1. These images were not edited. I just added text to help people that look at the photo. 
  2. The image was printed on Epson Matte paper for the Charm and the PM400 prints. 
  3. The image was printed on Canon glossy paper for the Selphy print. 
  4. I always felt the Charm printed dark and would be frustrated editing photos. You can see how much darker that print is from the rest. 
  5. The PM400 prints a bit lighter so I won't need to edit the lighting in photos. YES! 
  6. The Selphy the color is not as rich as you can see but still not bad. 
  7. I used the PL app to print these two photos on one 4x6 sheet. 
  8. The photo closest to the true coloring of my boys is the PM400 print.
 So, here is the comparison. What do you think?

Edited to add that I received the Epson Semi-glossy paper in the mail today. I just tried it out, and it is extremely similar to the matte paper. Since it is hard to find the Epson Matte paper (unless you buy it with the Charm ink cartridge), I will use the Semi-gloss from now on. Really nice paper.

Feel free to ask questions below. Thanks for stopping by!


Debbie Olson said...

Wow--I have an older Canon Selphy, but it is clearly cooler in tone than the other two. Which of the three are more accurate, given your dogs' coloring? Thanks for the comparison!

buggin2stamp said...

I have a Selphy 910 and I've not been impressed with the quality. I just printed a photo from the Project Life app last night to my Canon and it was really blurry. When I print to the Selphy it seems to enlarge the photo and is not exactly as it looks on my screen. From you samples, the PM400 looks the best. I've been debating on getting one. The ink for the Canon is just too expensive and hard to find the XL tanks locally without paying too much. The ink for the PM looks a bit cheaper and the quality seems better than my Canon. Your post is very timely as I just started looking at printers last night again.
Thanks Patter!

Patter Cross said...

You both are very welcome! Glad it is helpful. Debbie, the PM400 is closest to the true coloring of my boys. You are the second person that has asked so I will update my post with that info. :)

Debbie Olson said...

Thanks, Patter! I will definitely keep this in mind when I use up my current stash of ink for the Selphy.

Michelle said...

Just wanted to say that I love your shelties! I have a Sable girl that turns 2 at the end of March, but her mother is a Blue Merle! :-)

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