Monday, August 27, 2018

A Few {ICADs}

I have been working on my ICADs all week. I have eight to share with you. I will share four of them today, and the other four later in the week. I have had so much fun working on these again. Eventually I want to have one for every day of the year. On the back, I write the blessing for the day. I can then use them over and over until the back is filled up. I hope to get at least 4 years worth of blessings on the back of each card. Now let's look at what I have created.

I hope you enjoy these! Thanks for stopping by!


Wanda Hentges said...

Hello!! I love your ICADS and am thinking about starting a set. Do you purchase the tabbed cards or do you have a cutting die? Thank you.

Wanda Hentges said...

Hello again. I've been looking back through ICAD posts and found the card information. Thank you!!!

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