Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weight Loss Card Deal #1, #2, and #3

Shanna Lamb is hosting a Weight Loss Card Deal Challenge. I have been doing Weight Watchers since May 1st, and this challenge was just the scrappy fun I needed to add to my weight loss journey. The first week's challenge was to create a card showing my Goals. What do I want to accomplish? Here is what I did with that challenge:

The second week's challenge was to create a card with my Key's to Success. I find I really need to use these three things or I am just not as successful.

The third week's card challenge was to scrap a Motivating Quote on my card. I loved both of these quotes, and I find myself referring to them quite often.

If you are interested in joining Shanna's challenge, her blog is listed in my Favorite Blog links. And be sure to sign up for e-mail updates to my blog to see my cards as I continue my journey. TFL!

1 comment:

Marci said...

What an awesome idea! I love what you did with these Patter. I think I must be up to this challenge myself.

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