Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weight Loss Card Deal #5, #6, and #7

Well, after going on a 17 day vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC, I fell behind on my card challenges. But the good news was that I still lost weight on vacation. I was SO shocked! Granted it was only 1.5 lbs. but that sure was better than gaining which I totally expected to happen. Anyway, I tried to catch up quickly on the challenges. My cards aren't as fancy but they still are motivating to me. For the fifth challenge, I was to create a card telling about what Gift I will give myself once I have reached my goal. And the catch was, it couldn't be clothes. Here is what I want my gift to be:

The sixth card challenge was to create a card with one word that describes my journey. I also needed to use a monogram on my card somewhere. I will tell you, this time I am definitely DETERMINED. Here are my cards:

And for challenge #7, I was to use the theme of Time somewhere on my card. Now, I didn't have any fun Heidi Swapp clocks in my stash or anything else so I made due with what I had on hand. And I hope you will "Take Time to be Healthy" too!


carebear said...

these are really cute cards :)

Brandy said...

how cute is that?! me likes!

Norma Kennedy said...

I am loving all your cards and wishing you the best thru your Weight Loss Journey !


ashlee said...

I LOVE your cards! they are beautiful and inspiring!

Carolyn said...

Patter I love your cards, you have done a fabulous job on them.May they help in your weight loss journey. I also love viewing your other work on the blog too.

Colleen said...

Love these! Are you posting this challenge at 2Peas?

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