Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dealing the Weight Loss Hand {Week 4}

I don't know about you but it took about 3 1/2 months of eating healthy before I received my first comment about my weight loss. It was very discouraging. My clothes were fitting better, I was wearing things I hadn't worn in a long time but not one person said anything to me. In fact, I found myself telling people. But finally one day, I got my first comment. And a couple of weeks later, I got another comment. I remember them vividly. They meant SO much to me. What an encouragement {finally}!! And Stephanie's card challenge this week fits perfectly with this very topic.

The 10th card prompt: What's your favorite comment that you've received about your weight loss? Here are my cards:

It is so important to write these down. When we become discouraged, we can always go back and look at these for encouragement. And as you get more comments, create more cards. These could be just the boost you need when you might be feeling a little down. I would love to see your cards this week. Be sure to post them here! We all want to cheer you on also! Have a happy, healthy week!


stefani said...

What a neat idea to write down the comments.

Jane said...

Sorry I'm behind on posting my cards. Here is my link to cards 1-8. TFL! Jane

Stephanie said...

I'm FINALLY caught up. I'll try to post a link tomorrow.

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