Saturday, December 8, 2007

Organizational Friday {Late}

Sorry for the late post everyone. I had a busy Friday, and it was my Mom's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday Mom!!! The girls and I took dinner to her and enjoyed a little "girlie" time together.

So, today let's talk about storing all of those Quickutz alphas and shapes. I have probably lost most of my audience now. Eeek! I know a lot of you do not use Quickutz especially with the new electronic machines out there. However, some of us still love our dies. And this storage could possibly used for Cuttlebug dies and others.

First, let's talk alphas. I personally store all of mine in my Scrap 'n Cube drawers. However, any drawer or tray will work. First, I created little cardstock tags. I use these as my dividers between alphas, and it also allows me to see exactly what I have for each set.

Then, I store the alphas in alphabetical order. These drawers also fit my 2x4 dies. It works perfectly for me. I have two drawers like this, and I can actually see what I have much better than using the Quickutz storage binders.

I got this idea from my friend Libby who stores her dies in trays. You can see Libby's storage trays here.

As much as I love storing my alphas in drawers, I didn't want to store my shapes that way. So, I purchased a package of slide mount holders and put them in a regular 3-ring binder. However, with so many shapes, I didn't know how I would find each shape. So, I first sorted the shapes alphabetically and then created a document in Microsoft Word that looks like this:

Each section has this cover page with the picture of each die that I have in that section, the name of the die, the QK number, and the number of dies for each set. For instance, if you look at the Bottle Cap die set, it has 6 dies. I want to make sure I know how many I have, and how many are needed to make each shape. This cover page also makes it very easy to find my dies. I love it. You can go to the Quickutz site to grab these pictures. It works really well for me.

Feel free to post your ideas or links to your ideas in the comment section. I know I love to learn from everyone too! Have a great weekend everyone!


jill said...

i have very few QK but for friends that have a ton this is perfect! i'll pass on your blog info.

in case you're ever looking for org requests...i'm freakishly organized and happy with my system. Except for one thing...memorabilia. any suggestions?

have a great weekend :)

susan opel said...

Wow! You are Quikutz nuts! You certainly seem to have a great handle on how to organize it all!

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