Monday, December 10, 2007

Scripture Challenge, We Have a Winner!

Thank you everyone for leaving your comments about the upcoming Scripture Challenge. Your posts were so exciting, and they sure made me want to move that calendar ahead to Jan. 7th now!!! I guess God is teaching us all patience during this time. :) I am amazed at the people God is bringing. I am also praying that He will enable me to bring this challenge to you so that it will meet each of you where you are in your walk. I am touched and excited at the same time! Okay, enough with the babble! Are you ready to see who won the book? My daughters are home today so I had them cut up the 40 names and draw one out. Here is what they got:If you can't read the blurry name it says "Stephanie"!! Stephanie, you are the winner of "The Storekeeper's Daughter"! I know where to find you so I will get this in the mail to you today or tomorrow for sure! Be looking for it! Thank you all for playing along, and the 7th will be here before we know it! Blessings to each of you!


Adeana said...

rats Stephanie...maybe when you are done you can pass it along and so on and so forth, wouldn't that be cool?

Stephanie said...

Thanks Patter!! You're so kind. Adeana that's a good idea! ;)

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