Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scripture Challenge {Participants' Gallery Links}

Here are the gallery links for those of you that want to share your work each week. It will be so fun looking at all of the inspirational cards and pages! Please check your link to make sure it is correct. If it is not, please e-mail me so I can correct it. If your name is listed but there is no link, I will need you to send me your link. Some of you told me you would use the Faith Sisters gallery; however, your member gallery will not show up until you post your first gallery item. Once you post your first layout or card, you can send me your gallery link, and I will update it here. If your name and link are not here and you would like to be added, please e-mail me, and I would be happy to add your gallery or blog link to the list. Also, to find this page each time, scroll down on the front page of my blog and look for "label." Then click on "Scripture Challenge Participants," and you will come directly to this page each time so your can look at everyones work. Have a joyous and blessed day everyone!

Adeana B.
Adele N.
Alicia E.
Alisa S.
Alison C.
Amanda L.
Andrea W.
Angela M.
Angela S.
Anna D.
Anne H.
Anne-Marie R.
Annette D.
Annika W.
April Q.
Ashleigh S.
Ashley H.
Ashley S.
Barb F.
Barbara G.
Berta E.
Bessie T.
Betty B.
Carol A.
Carolyn H.
Carriann M.
Carrie G.
Cathy T.
Char H.
Charlotte L.
Cheri V.
Cheryl A.
Cheryl O.
Cheryl T.
Chrys R.
Cindy F.
Colleen F.
Cricket R.
Dahlia C.
Dawn L.

Deanna K.
Deb W.
Deborah L.
Dena G.
Denise T.
Elayne G.
Elizabeth C.
Ember S.
Erin B.
Erin S.
Eva L.
Faith M.
Gayle G.
Heather M.
Heather S.

Helen P.
Hope H.
JackieAnn W.
Jamie A.
Jan P.
Jana J.
Janet Sk.
Janet Sp.
Jena E.
Jennifer M.
Jennifer S.
Jennifer T.
Jennifer W.
Jill F.
Jo-Anne J.
Judy H.
Julie O.
Julie S.
Kana C.
Karen L.
Karen M.
Karen P.
Karma H.
Karry W.
Kay E.
Kim B.
Kori P.
Kristi D.
Kristii L.
Kristy H.
Krystal H.
Laura K.
Laura W.
Laurie R.
Laurie U.
Leah L.
Linda S.
Lisa S.
Lisa T.
Lisa W.
Liz C.
Lori S.
Loreen P.
LouAnn T.
Mackenzie S.
Marilee T.
Marilyn W.
Mary Kay P.
Melanie M.
Melanie W.
Melissa C.
Melissa O.
Melissa W.
Michele B.
Michele K.
Michelle M.
Missey F.
Monique D.
Nannette D.
Natalie C.
Natalie D.
Nena H.
Netty C.
Nicole D.
Nicole N.
Nikki T.
Nilsa G.
Paige B.
Peggy D.
Portia D.
Rebecca C.
Rebecca K.
Regan T.
Robin B.
Sandi D.
Sandra B.
Sara D.
Sarah C.
Sarah D.
Sarah M.
Shari E.

Shari O.
Shana D.
Shanna V.
Shawnna S.
Sheryl M.
Shirlene W.
Stephanie W.
Susan N.
Susie F.
Suzanne A.
Suzy K.
Sylvia C.
Tami L.
Tammy C.
Tara S.
Teresa M.
Teri H.
Terri M.
Terrie L.
Tina G.
Tonenia B.
Tracy M.
Trish N.
Vera B.


Stephanie said...

It's great to see that so many are participating. I understand some participating that don't want their gallery listed too. What a nice response. This should be fun and after the holiday hustle/bustle will be a great start to 2008. Thanks for all your work on this Patter! Looking forward to Jan. 7.

teresamatz said...

I saw your post on willowtraders and I am super excited about your challenges! Could you please add my gallery to the list.

Elizabeth said...

I love the fact that you are so organized!!! I love this list and will love having it too so I can take a peek at everyone's stuff!!!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Patter, Is it to late to jump in ?


Scrappin' 4 ever said...

I would love to participate in the scripture challenge, I tried to email you but it didn't work for me, I also posted on the Faith Sister board that I wanted to participate but my name is not on the list.... Can you please add my name: Thalia and here is the link to my gallery:

dougnat said...

Hi Patter! I would love to join in!! My faith could use some building!!

Regan Tomlin said...

I also would like to join. I am not sure if you didn't get my email, or if I didn't put my blog in it, but here it is :
Thanks so much!
Regan Tomlin

Vera said...

please add me as well:
Vera B.

Lisa J. said...

Please count me in. My blog is Thanks.

Gayle said...

Thanks for this challenge Patter. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this. It is amazing to me how many times "Faith" has come up in my daily life this week. Please add my blog to the listing. I am enjoying seeing all the creative pages of the others. Who knows, they may just want to see mine. My blog is
Thank you. Gayle

ChickenNDumpling said...

can you please link me to the list of particpants thanks

Raquel said...

I will begin participating in this challenge because I liked a lot!

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