Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday's {Tip}

Well, I know it is Tuesday evening but it has been a busy day. But I think this tip was worth waiting for. Amy, from Inspire Me Card Kits, posted this link, and I thought it was great! I hope you enjoy it too! So, what is this link all about you ask? Well, you know the wonderful plastic packaging that Thickers come in and just about every other scrapbook product comes in? Well, the silly packaging has the annoying adhesive strip that gets stuck to everything, and it is hard to put your product back in once it is out of the package. Well, Cathy Zielske thought of a great idea that she has posted here. And my personal tip is that I roll the adhesive backwards on the packaging itself, and then it stays out of my way so that I can get my product back in the package. That works great for me! So give Cathy's tip or my tip a try next time you mess with the silly packaging! Have a joyous night everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what lovely tips! Thank you! I am always struggling with those silly packages! Not anymore! :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME tip Patter ! I love it , that is too true, but yet you dont want to rip it off cuz then you cant hang it on a clip it up or anything, im so happy i read this !
Have a wonderful week !
Hugs :)

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