Friday, September 19, 2008

Organizational {Friday}

Today I wanted to share my Copic storage with you. Now, even though I store my Copics in my Scrap 'n Cube drawers, this storage method will work for any drawers that you have. Back in July, I shared with you my storage method for my Copics when I travel. You can find that post here. When I am not traveling, I keep them in my Scrap 'n Cube drawers like this:Michael's sells these wonderful balsa wood dowels that you can actually cut with scissors. I love them. I divide my ribbon drawers with these same dowels. I section off each drawer with the dowels, and I store my Copics according to color family. I have two drawers like this, and it is very easy to find what I am looking for. I hope this gives you another idea on how to store these amazing markers. Enjoy, and have a joyous weekend!


Nevis said...

What are Copic markers and how do you use them for scrapbooking?

Kimberly said...

Very cool idea!

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