Friday, November 7, 2008

Organizational {Friday}

Welcome to our second week of answering your organizational questions. Let's get started.

At Your Fingertips
Some of you asked what you really need to have out on your desktop. Well, that depends on what you use the most. I know for me, I keep the following on my desk in a bucket:

*Scissors (2 sizes)
*Paper piercer
*Basic Grey rub-on tool
*My favorite adhesives
*Small paint brush
*Baby wipes
*Small junk notebook I use for lots of things

Look at what you use all of the time. That is what you want out in a bucket or bin right at your fingertips!

Don't See It? Use It!
Some of you mentioned if you don't see it; you don't use it. I think it is very hard to truly keep out all of your supplies where you can see them so that you will use them. I can't see 90% of my supplies! The key to knowing what I have is having everything separated and labeled! Separating your supplies into boxes or drawers and labeling them is very important. Here are some examples of drawers I keep and how they are separated:

*Chipboard shapes
*Metal embellishments
*Journaling tags
*Making Memories embellishments (yes, I have enough for their own drawer) :)
*Rub-on alphas
*Rub-ons decorative
*Trimmer (on the floor resting against my desk to grab very easily)

Also, make sure that the supplies you use most are in the top boxes or drawers closest to you so that you can get to them easily.

Storing Ribbons
Many of you asked how I store my ribbons. I have used the following system for years, and it works great for me. Cropper Hopper is also making an embellishment box that will hold my wider ribbons now too. It works great!

*My Ribbon Storage

Here is another storage option that may work for you! It really looks like another fun way to store your ribbons!

Storing Those Small Items
Let's talk about buttons, brads, all of the small stuff! Several of you needed help with that ongoing problem. I have several posts for you to look at:

*Small Embellishments No. 1
*Small Embellishments No. 2
*Small Embellishments No. 3

Now, please be sure to let me know in the comments section if last week's post or this week's post don't quite address your issues. Or feel free to e-mail me regarding your specific situation. Enjoy, and happy organizing!

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Norma Kennedy said...

I luv reading your fabulous tips Patter. I am super excited cuz next week I am completely re-doing my scraproom and cant wait to put to use all these fabulous ideas you give us.

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