Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unity & Project 365

Okay, I wanted to share a photo of my latest journaling cards for Project 365! These are so easy to do, and I am really excited about the journaling. To make my cards, I am finding that all of my Unity border and corner stamps are just perfect for these 4x6 cards. Here are some of the stamps I am using:

Boutique Border
Fanciful Border
Floral Edge

Stamps I haven't used yet but will also be good for my cards are:

Border of Bells
Dot to Knot Ribbon
Hawaiian Border
Ladybug Line-up
Little Borders (This set actually has 6 borders in it for just $12!!!)
Paisley Border
Polka Dot Border
Posy Line-up
Scalloped Border

The numbers I am using are from the Unity Amazing Me set!

Someone asked on another board if their journaling was based on the photo they took for the day or just a summary of their day. My journaling is all about the photo. These will be things that either happened that day or things I want to remember. For instance, yesterday's photo was this:

I was writing an article for Scrapjazz so my journaling is all about that! I have written 41 articles for them since October 2006, and I think that will be a great memory someday or something that my grandchildren may find interesting. Goodness, I didn't even know that I had written 41 articles until I counted to do my journaling! :)

Anyway, I hope you find this helpful for your Project 365! For me, it's all about saving the memories for the generations to come (and that is why I handwrite everything too)! :) Have a joyous day!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at you go! They are gorgeous! I have got to get in gear and start these! Look at what I am missing out on! Beautiful girl!

Lela said...

Wow! I really like your journaling cards as well! The stamped edges are beautiful.

Karen said...

Wow is right!! Your journaling cards are just great. Love the papers and the stamped edges are great. What papers did you use? Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Adams said...

Hi Patter! Your girls mentioned your blog last night so I thought I'd drop by and take a peek.

Wow! You are quite talented! See, all I have to hand down to my kids is a closet full of scrap-boxes: all those family photos thrown haphazardly into leftover moving boxes.

I'll come here for some inspiration.


Anonymous said...

These are AWESOME!!

I have given you the Lemonade award. :0) You can read the post on my blog for more info and to pick up your award.


liannallama said...

wow! It looks fantastic!

stefani said...

Oh wow! These journaling cards are amazing. I love what you did with them.

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