Friday, February 20, 2009

Organizational {Friday} Storing Nestabilities

Please note: I have revised and updated this storage system to make it even BETTER. :) :) Please see my newest post from April 23, 2010, here. I hope you find it even more helpful.

Okay, so I have discussed this topic once and shared my ideas. If you missed that post back in June 2008, you can see it here. However, as I read new ideas on the web, I thought you might like to see them too. This way you might be able to find the solution that works best for you. Here are some new ideas I have run across that I just love. Warning--this post is "link heavy" so sit back and enjoy! I hope this will be a great consolidation of ideas for you!

Jennifer {sammsmom1} at Splitcoaststampers shared her idea here. She used a curtain rod and magnetic pieces to hang them above her desk. Too fun if you have the room to do that!

And Kurtis {krabearkub} also of Splitcoaststampers used a binder box and filled it with magnetic sheets to store his nesties. You can see his storage here. This is another great idea!

Wendy {wendybell} stores hers on the inside of her cabinet doors in her craft room. This may work for some of you. You can see her photos and ideas here.

Rita {daffyrs1} stores hers in a zippered CD binder with magnetic sheets that she cuts down. I love this idea too. You can see her binder here--just scroll down a bit to get to the binder pictures and explanation.

Gina K. shares an awesome tutorial on how to use your nestabilities in your Cuttlebug along with great pictures on how she stores the nesties in the classroom of her store. Love it all for sure! You will want to bookmark this link here. :)

Jodene bought a plastic CD case from Target and magnetic sheets. I love how she put the embossing and cutting "sandwiches" on the front of her box for reference. I need to do that because I am always forgetting which "sandwich" to use also! You can see her photo and instructions here.

Heidi {Heidi Blankenship} shared her CD storage. A lot of people seem to use the CD cases for their storage, and I really like how Heidi shared hers. Great pictures and instructions. Look at Heidi's storage here.

Joan {SKICIO} uses metal sheets and strips of cork to store her nesties. Look at her photos here.

Spellbinders also has a new case coming out in March. You can see it here. I personally think it is a bit expensive and it doesn't say how many dies it will hold but for some of you, this may be a great solution.

I hope this has been helpful in some small way. Remember organization is about finding what works best for you! And sometimes it takes trying several different methods before finding what you love! Feel free to ask me your organizational questions, and I will try to post the topics as I can. Have a blessed Friday everyone!


Scrap with the soul said...

you are tagued in my blog for your creations

quilter said...

Thank you for all the getting all the info together so that we don't have to "google" to look for it. I just got my first nestabilities this month. This was so helpful.

Cindy Coutts said...

That is exactly how I store my Nesties Patter. Great idea. Neat and simple.

Sue from Oregon said...

Thanks for posting this...I have lots of sites saved as I was working on a similar post too...I think I will send everyone your way. LOL
Janette at Cards and Chat has a neat storage idea here.

I will have to find my other sites to share that are different too. I do have a tip for the QK binders I will post soon on my blog.

Candace said...

Hi Patter! I wanted you to see what you inspired me to do. I am starting my night graduate classes tomorrow night and I had purchased a plain-white binder. Of course, being a scrapper, I had to make it pretty! I remembered awhile back you altered a binder. The university I am going to is a Christian school so I thought it was approprite to use these great scripture stamps from Unity! I'd love for you to check it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

WOW! This was such a huge help! Thanks so much!

Connie said...

Hi Patter,
The recipe cards are on my blog. I posted your link, hope that was Ok.
I have some of the spell binders and keep them in the black case also. But what a great idea to put the case in the cropper case.

daisy said...

great idea, i haven't tought of that dough!


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