Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's {Tip} Color Challenges

Color challenges--do you like them? I love to use them when I am stuck or need inspiration. I recently found an amazing blog by Kristina Werner that shares great color challenges. Oooh, they are so awesome. Here is Color Inspiration #51 from May 6th: Doesn't that look yummy? Each post has a wonderful picture with the colors you can use. I have been printing out the little "cards" and keeping them in a notebook for inspiration. I hope you will look around and find some great inspiration! You can find all of Kristina Werner's color challenges here. Enjoy, and happy crafting!


Deanna said...

Thanks for the link! I love it! Enjoy coming to your blog and finding inspiration, too! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

HapEMomE said...

Thanks for sharing, Patter! I love finding inspiration from different blogs and challenges. Hugs,

Leslie said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing! I came across your blog though scrapbook.com from the scraproom picture gallery. I hope you don't mind, but I have added you on to my blog as a follower. Thanks again and God bless.

In His love,

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Patter - I have left a little something over at my BLOG for you:


See you there! God bless you!

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