Saturday, June 13, 2009

Houndstooth {Madness}

Okay, I used to like houndstooth; it was okay. But since I created an adorable notebook for Layers of Color using some Making Memories houndstooth paper, I am TOTALLY obsessed! I now LOVE houndstooth. So, now I am on the hunt for tons of it. LOL!

Yesterday, I found this adorable ribbon at Hobby Lobby. It was half off so I only paid $1 for each color. Each rolls contains 4 yards.Isn't it adorable? If they would have had other colors, I would have bought it too!

Then today, I used my amazing houndstooth background stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms to create more tags for my stamp binders. I used Memento Rose Bud ink on white paper. Then I punched out my tags using a 1" circle punch and adhered to a metal tag.Think of how many different colored houndstooth papers I can make with that stamp! Wow!

Now I am on the hunt for a micro houndstooth stamp. Cornish Heritage Farms makes one called a "fine houndstooth" but it is on a 6x6 scrapblock, and that is just too big for my hands. If you know of anyone that makes a stamp like that, please let me know in the comment section!

Hmm, I wonder what other houndstooth fun I can find? And that notebook that got this new obsession all started--well, I can't share yet. Once Laura gets it up on the main site, I can share but for now, I will give you just a teaser here: So, do you like houndstooth? Or do you have another pattern obsession? Do share! And until next time, have a blessed weekend!


Rosemary D said...

Hi Patter! Just read your post on Houndstooth. It is such a cool pattern! don't have much, yet, myself, but you might want to take a look at this houndstooth stamp from Hero Arts:

It may be a little smaller then the CHF houndstooth backgrounder.

Have a blessed weekend!


Sarah said...

Hi Patter,
Hero Arts makes a Houndstooth stamp. Not sure if it's what you're looking for but here it is:

Sarah M

Candace said...

Very cute ribbon! What size ribbon boxes are you using there? I use the Cropper Hopper boxes to store my ribbon and the large boxes are just too large for some of my ribbons while the mini box may be too small. That size looks perfect for a lot of the ribbons I have!

Chris said...

It's not a stamp, but there is a Houndstooth Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Anonymous said...

Love that ribbon you found! I adore houndstooth and have the embossing folder Chris mentioned:)It's such a classic pattern.

saffiertje said...

I am grazy about Pink, every time I have to make a choise...Pink or...
Also am crazy about polkadots!!! especially in sewing....

Patter Cross said...

Thank you all for sharing more "houndstooth fun." :) It doesn't take much to enable me. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... now I've got to drive the hour up I16 to HL to find that darned ribbon. I happen to have a SERIOUS hounds tooth affliction. (Mine stems from Bear Bryant's of Univ of Alabama of course.)
You're a big bad enabler! (Thanks!)

Dani said...

I have one of the CHF 6x6 stamps. It is way to big for my hand but I have another way to stamp with it. I put it face up on my table. I ink it up and then I lay my paper on top of it. Then I use my brayer to press the paper into the stamp. It works great!

Natalie said...

ooh im obsessed w/houndstooth and your blog is sew weigh kewl :]]

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,

I LOVE Houndstooth! When I worked, I had 3 different houndstooth suits at once! LOL I'm laughing...but it's true. Hmmm, I think I still have one of the jackets...doesn't fit anymore. I wonder if I can cut it up. Better yet, ask my mom to cut it into the sides don't fray. (I don't sew.)

I am pretty sure CuttleBug has an embossing folder. "Oh My Crafts" on line carries embossing folders for great prices! (Sorry, I don't know how to make links.)

It looks like you have been given a nice head start on finding some in the future!

May God Bless Everyone!

Traci S.

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