Friday, July 24, 2009

Organizational {Friday} Target itso Storage!

Happy Friday everyone! Wow, do I have a fun Target find for you today! I think some of you may love this organizational piece! Let's look at what I found! It is a storage line called "itso." They have cubes of all sizes, fabric drawers, plastic drawers, trays that fit in the drawers, etc. There are SO many storage options. I could see trays of ribbons, trays of stamps (like I use them for), stacks of paper, trays of embellishments, etc. Let your imagination run. And yes, 12x12 paper fits too!!!

Here are links to the 3 pieces I use:

itso Storage Cube
itso Divided Tray
itso Fabric Storage Bin

And here is how my stamp drawer looks: Two trays actually fit in one drawer. So, for the entire unit, I have four trays! They do make a drawer that would fit the four trays but because of weight, I like these "half" drawers better. I also choose to use the divided trays but they make a wide or open tray too! You can also stack multiple cubes. There are endless options with this "itso" line!
If you go to the Target site, just search on "itso." You will get 100+ search matches. Be sure to look at them all because there are different sizes and colors (including pink). :) I just love it, and I hope this has been helpful to you today. Enjoy!


Natalie said...

I have seen those and they are so cool!! So many options! Thanks for sharing, I love organizational Friday!!

Laura said...

These are attractive and practical! Another idea... I have some square baskets with lids for storage - I hang tags on the outside so I know what's on the inside. For instance I'll glitter up the tag if the basket holds glitter. You could stamp flowers for your nature themed stamp drawer, etc. They're pretty and helpful!

tirzahdawn said...

Thank you so much for all the inspiration that I have gained from you. Do you/Have you gotten Unity's kit of the months? If so, How do you organize them. I stumbled upon you last summer and have just loved your work. I fell in love with unity as well. I final began the kit of the month this month but I can't figure out how to store them. Do you keep the kit together? Do you break it apart? Thanks so much. my email is

Megan said...

I'm curious....what's that roladex looking thingy on top of your storage unit? Does it have phone numbers, sketches, other ideas, recipes???

Anonymous said...

Does anyone do storage and organization better than you!? Ummm..........NO!

Martha said...

oh what a great idea.

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