Friday, September 11, 2009

Organizational {Friday} Shimmerz & LuminArte H2Os

Can you believe it? An Organizational {Friday} post? I am slowly getting into the swing of things as we start new schedules with everything this year. Hopefully each day will continue to get better, and I can get back to posting and creating as I enjoy. This week I wanted to share with you how I organize both my Shimmerz and LuminArte paints. Oooh, how I love to use these beauties, and keeping them organized truly helps.

First, let me tell you that my paints are in one of my Scrap 'n Cube drawers (as most of my supplies are); however, you can use ANY kind of drawer for your paints. My organizational method will work in any drawer you have. My particular drawer is 1 1/2 inches high. You can see it here:To organize my paints, I keep my Shimmerz separated from the LuminArte paints. I also do NOT store them in alphebetical order by name. I store them in color order. Each company puts the color name on their jars. Shimmerz puts their stickers on the lid, and LuminArte puts their stickers on the bottom of the jar thus they are stored upside down. You can see how I have the Shimmerz in the front part of the drawer, followed by my brushes, then the LuminArte paints at the back of the drawer.Each section is separated by a wooden dowel I purchased at Michael's and cut to fit the drawer. I love using wooden dowels as dividers in my drawers. You have probably seen me use them before.

And to keep track of the colors I have and to see samples, again I have used my grid paper to keep handy in my color reference book. I created my grid paper in Microsoft Excel, and I print it out on cardstock. I get two pages per sheet since these pages fit in a smaller binder. Here is my Shimmerz page: My LuminArte page looks the same but with the LuminArte paint samples. If you haven't seen my color reference book before, you can see my Stickles pages here and my stamp ink page here.

I hope this has been helpful. If you store your paints another way, feel free to share a link in the comment section. I am sure everyone would love to see various ideas! Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed Friday!


Cindy Coutts said...

One of these days I'll be as organized as you. Thank you always for the great ideas. Hugs and blessings to you!

Paula said...

This is how I store my H2Os. I haven't taken the time to make a swatch page yet. That would really be helpful. Why don't you just travel around organizing everyone's scrap space?

Karin said...

how do you make that grid? i'm not so handy... :)


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