Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Had to Share Our {Snow} Fun!

Okay, we haven't seen snow in years! Yesterday we got hit. It was SO beautiful--large gorgeous flakes that came down fast. And can you believe it was near 80 degrees this past weekend? Anyway, to those of you that live in the north, you probably think this post is crazy but to us it was beautiful. However, that being said--one day was enough! My poor children didn't even know how to dress in it. The kids wanted to go out in it. I told them sure, have fun! This was an amazing experiece for them. But I was TOTALLY cracking up. I knew they had put gloves and coats on but I didn't check the bottom halves. They were in their pajama bottoms!!!!!!! LOL! They froze. I called them in, told them how to dress, only to find my one of my daughter's with a scarf lightly tied around the hood of her coat. It was not serving any purpose. Back in they came. I just died with laughter. By the end of the day, they were all saying how they hate snow, and one day is enough! One of my girls was still cold 5 hours later, and she just couldn’t get warm. We haven’t seen snow here in years, and that is enough. As beautiful as it was, we are done. Thank goodness it will get up to 50 degrees today. I want the 80’s back I had this weekend. Beautiful snow but glad it’s done. :) Here are a few pics I took yesterday. I hope you enjoy them. Have a blessed and warm Wednesday!


Cherie said...

Oh how I envy that you never get snow! We live in Illinois....lots of snow...snowing as I speak....ur type. We haven't seen temps above 35 in months!! Can we come visit? I'll pack up the family right now!! Love the pics...glad your kiddos had such fun.

Kristine said...

LOL - you crack me up Patter! Looks like the girls had FUN in it... even for a short time! I live in Oregon and we usually get a decent amount every year. It's been freezing in the mornings and in the 50's during the day lately but we love playing in the snow. I don't pray for it right now though as we're wanting to fly and that would not be good! LOL.

Great pictures to SCRAP!! Even the dog looks like he's havin' fun! *Ü*

Anonymous said...

How great, Patter!

What a great scene to scrapbook for them.I hope you remember their words and that story from top to bottom (pajama bottoms!) and include it all in a little folder to give each of them one when they are older!

We had a temp of 78 and gorgeous Central Florida. Tonight is supposed to be 30 degrees!

Traci S.

BTW, I hope that if everyone did what they could to go green...our weather would go back to normal! I sure hope so! :)

Mary said...

Your photos are wonderful. Your children now have the memory of what it is like to have snow and be cold from it. :) I can't believe that you had 80 degree weather. Oh that sounds so good right mow. here in NH it has been snwoy and cold since November.


Jaxbabie3 said...

The pics are great - and you aren't the only one that was excited about the unusual snow! My facebook homepage was full of people commenting about and posting pictures in the snow. I personally took *cough cough* around 800 pics of my three year old playing in the snow. :P It was gorgeous! And today it's sunny and all the snow is gone! Was a good opportunity to show God's wonder to my son. :) Glad you enjoyed the snow! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Marie said...

Okay, I usually don't comment on your posts because you have soooooo many followers...but these photos were too cute to NOT comment on.
I love that you say you are "passionate about the Lord" before you mention your passion for papercarafting.
In addition to my craft blog, I have a blog that I use to write words of encouragement for other believers (it's called "It's a Wonderful Life") and if you get a moment stop by for a visit.
Marie with a :-)

Bev J. said...

Cute pics of your kids and the dog. Good experience for them to remember. tfs

NickelNook said...

I take it your girs have never been to western Canada in winter! lol Saskatchewan is beautiful this time of year!...Nancy :o)

NickelNook said...

Oh Patter...I did it again! No matter how careful I am I make a goof. In my previous message I meant your "girls" not your "girs". I made it sound like I think you have grouchy girls that growl all the time! I'm absolutely certain that's not the case! So sorry!...

The Paper Princess said...

Dear Patter,

I love your blog - I've been quietly reading & following you for awhile now - as a matter of fact, I love your blog so much, I have you listed TWICE in my links at Create With Joy - once under Faith Challenges, and once under Beautiful Spaces (for all of your fab organizational posts!)

But I had to tell you, I was SO excited to see the picture of your Keeshond today - I just HAD to write! I would LOVE to know more about your dog! What's his/her name and age and do you have other pics/stories posted on your blog?

I used to have a Keeshond named Dutch who LOVED the snow! He was a sweet dog, but he was also the "Marley" of keeshonds - I inherited him as a "free to a good home" dog by answering a local newspaper ad. He was a perpetual puppy for most of his life, until one day, almost overnight, old age came upon him. He shared a good long life with me though - I miss him greatly - and your photo brought back many poigant memories!

Anyway, hope you'll stop by Create With Joy when you have a moment - I don't currently have the space for a dog but I live with two beautiful cats - come say hello, and if you feel inclined, I'd love to welcome you on board as a Kindred Spirit!

Ramona :-)

JJ said...

Super cute pics, Patter! -J*M*L

Anonymous said...

So funny! :) Love the pictures... you will be happy you took them all :) Super cute!

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