Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Reusing Wood Blocks

How many of you have unmounted your wood stamps? Well, I personally haven't yet because I think they look so pretty on the wood though they definitely are harder to store. For those of you that have unmounted your stamps, what have you done with the leftover wood? I hope if you haven't used it that you will now. Here are some ideas I have run across while surfing the web:

*Millie on Splicoaststampers recommended adding a piece of sandpaper to the block and using it to distress your papers.
*Mille also suggested adding a piece of felt to the block and use it as a dauber.
*Add photos of family and stack.
*Create children's play blocks.
*Make a post-it note holder.
*Nancy Ward makes style stones out of them. Look here. Cool!
*Sell them or donate them on various crafting sites. Lots of crafters would love to take them off your hands!
*Check this post here on Splitcoaststampers for many more ideas!

Use your imagination and see what you can create out of those leftover wood blocks! Also, if you don't have any blocks but want some, Cornish Heritage Farms sells new blocks here from $0.89 to $4.79 depending on the size of the block. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Hi Patter!

I hope things are going well with you and yours. I saw another idea for wood blocks, it was making coasters. Sadly, I do not remember where I saw this idea. I know that you could take the stamping block, and stamp on it. Then take an etching pen and burn the stamped shape into the wood.
It is beautiful.

I see something about organizing chipboard...I NEED to go read that. Thanks for keeping up your blog during this busy time of yours. You are appreciated!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Anonymous said...

Hello again! I just wanted to point out that the little square talking about chipboard organization is great. It is about organizing a lot more than chipboard also. It's worth taking a look.

Patter, I have a question for youand anyone else who reads this. I have a lot of chipboard also, it is mostly from one company. I have 3 drawers available for them. Do you reccomend sorting by floral and flourishes, or words in one, or letters in one? How would you best utilize it? I never use it now, and placing it in the drawers would make it more accessible...and used more often. Also, do you ever have a time, or IF you ever had the time where you could just decorate your pieces, in advance would you, and then search for a matching piece as needed...or decorate as you need them? Thank you so much for the advice. I was just wondering about this last night.

He IS ABle,
(If anyone wants to answer me, please email me at (SCS)SplitCoastStampers. I am "Traci S." there also.

Patter, I hope that was ok to ask everyone. I know you are so busy right now.

elizabeth said...

I have a great big basket full of the wooden blocks (both from me and friends) and the sweetest granddaughter ever loves to come to my house and stack them, then knock them down.

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