Friday, May 21, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Copic Markers

Happy Friday everyone! I am headed to a Copic class in June to be a Copic Certified Designer. I am SO excited. I have wanted to take this class for quite some time; however, last time there was a class near me, I had to perform with our church orchestra. I certainly couldn't miss that! Well, the class is back in my area, I am registered, and I am going! Yeah!

So, before I head off to class, I needed to look at my Copic stash which then has caused me to change my storage because I ran out of room after ordering more markers! Eeek! Today, I am going to share FOUR different Copic marker storage options. Here is my favorite way to store my Copic markers:
This is a Stampin' Things Elite Unit. It holds my Copic Sketch markers beautifully! LOVE it! This unit will hold 96 Copic Sketch markers (48 markers per side). However, I ran out of spaces for markers. Yes, I could order another Stampin' Things unit but I don't really have room in my new room. So, in order to keep my markers together, I moved them all to a CTMH storage box that I had on hand. This will hold 120 markers. Well, once my new markers come in, I will have more markers than this box will hold. Ugh! But it certainly makes a GREAT and cheap storage option! A little bit about this box before I tell you what I am moving to. Can you see the white pieces of cardstock between each set of 4 markers? I did this to keep the markers from getting out of order. Yes, I like mine in order and not just thrown in the box. When I didn't use the cardstock dividers, the markers really fell all over and were not as neat as I like to keep them. This works pretty well. If my markers were going to stay permanently in this box, I might have added chipboard or something sturdier as dividers instead of cardstock.

So, since this box will not be large enough, I have ordered two Color Cubbies from Studio 3 Solutions. UPS says they will be delivered on Tuesday. Yeah! They are $16.95 each, and they will also hold 120 sketch markers per unit. This is a great and inexpensive way to store your Copics or other markers or pencils!
**Photo used with permission from Tami of Studio 3 Solutions.

The 4th way to store Copics is in a bucket or bin. I personally have the pink marker bin from A*Muse. I love it too but it already contains my colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and other things. I love that bucket! I didn't want to switch out what I have in there so I left the bucket "as is." You can see these cool buckets here. I love all of the color options!

Next Friday, I will show you how the new Color Cubbie units works out with my personal photos. I am sure I will label each shelf in some way also with the color family! I can't have something without labels! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to join me next Friday when I share my Color Cubbies all filled and labeled! Blessings,


Stephanie said...


Thanks for all the tips on storing your markers. I haven't taken the copic plunge yet but I sure want to. Now I'll know how to store them when I do. :)

Can't wait to hear about your class. said...

Love your blog-I am new to it. After reading a few of your older ones I had to subscribe!
I have a question about storing markers, non-Copic ones. Is is ok to store them vertically? I thought for some reason that they needed to be "laying down". this might change my storing technique! Thanks for the time you put into sharing your knowledge!

Patter Cross said...

Beth, welcome! So glad to have you as a new subscriber! :) Copics can be stored vertically or horizontally. As far as other markers, I would check with the specific manufacturer. They can be different. I know some older markers I had were to be stored horizontally, and that actually is my preferred method of storage but thankfully either way works for Copics. Sorry I don't have a specific answer regarding your particular markers but I am sure the manufacturer will! :) Have a blessed day!

Naomi D said...

Since it seems you are the closest thing to a "Copic Expert" that I know, I wondered if you could tell me a little bit about them!!! I tried to do a little research, but there are so many lines... "the original" "sketch" "ciao"... it's a little overwhelming. I don't imagine I'll ever be in a position to own 120+ markers, so where would you recommend that I start???

Patter Cross said...

Naomi, go to Marianne's site:

She works for Copics and has ALL of the information you could ever need on her blog. She has tutorials for beginners and all sorts of information. Back in 2008, she did a series on picking the right marker. Here is the first post:

You can find the others pretty easy after that one. I went with sketch markers for several reason: I like you can use the airbrush with them, I like the shape and numbers on the end, etc. They work the best for me. Let me know if you need more info. It can be overwhelming but Marianne's site will truly be a great help! Let me know if you need anything else!

Kristy said...

Great storage options! I use a pen storage thing from Hobby Lobby but I am starting to out grow it LOL!!! Loving my Copics! I can't wait to see tomorrows post.

BTW, you said that you will be attending a Copic Cert Class in June. I AM TOO! I will be going to the June 12 class in Grand Rapids, MI. It would be crazy if it were the same one!

Patter Cross said...

Hey Kristy! How fun that you are going to the class in June too! I will be going the weekend before you to the one in TX. :) Fun, fun!

Katie said...

I'll be going to the Arlington class too, can't wait!

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