Friday, October 22, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Distress Inks & Sponges Revisited

Have you found that organizing your supplies helps you use them more often? I certainly have but I also find that my organization is constantly changing and molding depending on how I use them. This past week, I have been watching Jennifer McGuire's Holiday Thinking of Inking classes. Then Hobby Lobby has all of their stamp pads on sale this week. So, what did I do--I went and bought a few more Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads for 40% off!!! Then, what did that cause, a need to add them into my current collection and change things up a bit! :)

In the process of changing things as I put away my new ink pads, I realized that with the distress inks I prefer using the blending foam that goes with the Ink Blending Tool instead of my other sponges.So, I changed up my sponge storage a bit to make it easier to access and keep the sponges with the inks. Instead of keeping them in my plastic box (shown below), I now keep each blending foam piece attached to the stamp pad itself. Here is where I used to keep my tool and blending foam pieces:
Now instead I attached a small piece of Velcro (the hook side) to the back of each stamp pad. Then the foam piece attaches right to the Velcro. Here you can see three ink pads with the foam attached, and three ink pads with the Velcro where the foam will attach.
Then I still label my ink pads the same and still store them in my favorite Stampin' Things units--the Elite unit and the Topper!I still LOVE the other sponges for my other ink pads, and I like how I have them organized. So, they will stay organized "as is." If you missed that organizational post, please look here.
I hope this has been helpful. Don't be afraid to change something as your needs change. I know I seem to do it quite often. LOL! Have a blessed Friday, and thanks for stopping by!


Kim said...

Great Idea Patter!! I am always loosing my foam squares!!

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter~

I hope that you and your family are doing well. I liked your ideas for my ink pads and sponges. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! They really work well. I especially found putting a label with the color of the ink on the stamp pads to be one of your best tips! Thanks so much!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Lim said...

This is a great idea. I love it!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing. Great ideas. Have a blessed day.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing. Great ideas. Have a blessed day.

Linda S. said...

Hi Patter,
I will try again, as I was having problems with seeing an image in your word verification box. I am wondering if you have a solution (other than just buying more) to the problem of the sponges coming loose from the blue/black fabric lining when you are removing them from the wood handle? Sometimes I experience this after only one use, even though I am being careful about how I handle the sponge. Planned obsolesence?? Noooooo.. T!m and Ranger wouldn't do that, would they?
Linda S. in NE

Carol said...

Patter the little piece of velcro on the bottom of the Distress Ink is brilliant! Love that idea. Thanks for sharing.

Bear Hugs,
Carol :O}

Noel said...

Great idea...on my list to do today..TFS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I've been wondering if the Blending Tools were worth the money.

Rose said...

good grief girl you have the most awesome ideas :)

i am doing the happy dance as Hobby Lobby is set to open in my small town by the end of the year!! will be nice not to order on line for so many items :)

Kathy said...

What a fantastic idea! I too have fallen in love with distress inks. I had my foam pieces stored in a box similar to yours but now I'm getting out the velcro and attaching my foam pieces to the bottom of the ink pad.

liannallama said...

FABULOUS idea! I love storage that makes using your tools easier! Thanks for the tip!

William Cane said...

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