Friday, October 1, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Rotate Your Stamps!

Okay, I am preempting my colored pencil post with this one. :) I posted on my Memory Box blog about how I am now rotating my Memory Box stamps. I know most of you don't subscribe to that blog, and so I thought you might enjoy the organizational info too. So, here is what I am doing.

As I get new Memory Box stamps when a new collection comes out (such as the new, amazing Tinsel collection), I have of course storage issues that go right along with it. It's certainly a good thing but I finally figured out how to rotate my Memory Box stamps, see them, and use the new ones. I am loving this idea, and I thought I would share it with you!

When I shared my Glimmer Mist organizational post, Tracy mentioned how she used acrylic nail polish stands to organized her Glimmer Mist and other paints. You can see her post here. It looks super pretty with all of the colors on the stand but of course, I already have storage for my Glimmer Mist. I certainly loved the idea of using the acrylic stand for something else though! So, I found a great price, bought an acrylic stand, it arrived, and I immediately knew it would be perfect for my Memory Box stamps. I am going to use this unit to rotate current holiday stamps. Right now I will keep out all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stamps. Then as I start working with Valentine's, Easter, and Spring stamps, I will put those on this unit, and I will put the Fall/Winter holiday stamps up in my stamp boxes, printers trays, and stamp drawers. This way the stamps I am using the most will be easily accessible! Here is what the stand looks like with the current holiday stamps on display:
And here is how it looks from the back as I see it from my office desk:
I think it even looks pretty from the back! Look at all of that awesome Memory Box rubber! :)

Where to Buy
Now, where do you get this great unit? First, let me tell you, I priced them all over the web. They are pricey--like $50-$60 per unit without shipping! Crazy!!!!!! Well, I found an eBay sell that has it for $29 but the shipping is a bit high. Once the unit arrived, I understood why it was high. Because the unit is large and it is acrylic (which can break easily), she had to use a large box and LOTS of padding so it didn’t get broken. It was wrapped beautifully and arrived perfect. So, it was definitely worth it and cheaper than the other prices I found. You can get this acrylic stand here.

Also, for those of you that may be wondering where to buy the wooden cabinet that is underneath the acrylic stand--well, it is "one of a kind." It was an antique my parents found for me earlier this year. Each drawer is slightly different than the other and numbered on the back of each drawer in old pen. It is an amazing piece that I LOVE but not sure where to tell you to find one other than to go "antiquing." :)

I really love this, and it will be great to have all of my current Memory Box holiday stamps out and easy to use! They even decorate my space a bit for the season! A double bonus!!!! Enjoy, and remember, you can see all of my past organizational tips here! Have a blessed Friday!


Belinda Popovich said...

very cute, I have something that is along those same lines too but I use it for stamps, inks and glitters. I picked mine up from a store that was closing down for just a couple of bucks. Love the multi drawer box below it too!

Joyfully Made Designs said...

Hi Patter!

I just did another organizational post and linked it back to you here...the "organizational expert"! Thank you for your ideas! I LOVE to be organized!



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